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Note: I was using a plugin on this website, and I have decided to phase out this plugin and use MailChimp instead. Hopefully, by Easter of 2018, I will be able to remove the plugin.

So this is the sign-up form for MailChimp. You should get a subscriber email with a link to changing your options (or canceling the newsletters, or changing your email address). Please keep that email for future use. If you want to be added but don’t know how to use this form, or you want to be removed/change email address, please email with your information and desire at [email protected]. I will gladly do whatever you request of me (add, change, or delete).

To update your profile, just enter your email address, and then click “Update Profile” in the added green text that appears. This will send you an email invitation from MailChimp to update your profile, so when you get this email, click the link, and it will take you to their site to update things.

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