2010-07 Cox Prayer Update

I am trying to get together two TheWord video presentations as well as making a DVD of the program and modules in English and another in Spanish. So I am really busy.

Specific modules that I am working on right now are:

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge TSK in Spanish. I am working my way through the New Testament part translating verse references and text into Spanish. The verse references part I have a Microsoft Word macro, and it runs in less than a second. But I have to copy and paste from TW to MS Word for every verse. I also have macros to help do this, but it is time consuming. I have Matthew done, and am working my way through Mark (July 7).

Pulpit Commentary in English. I am working my way through the Pulpit Commentary also. My source for this has each chapter together, so I have the entire NT and most of the OT in the module, but only by chapters. I am copying the chapter information and breaking it up into individual verses. This also is time consuming, but it is the best commentary I have seen out there, and I want to use it for a source when I write my own commentary. I will probably be working on my Spanish commentary in the book of John because that is what our men are preaching through in my church while we will be in the states visiting churches.

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  1. Hello David, I cannot get Thayer’s to work in E-sword (7.7) everything else works, I like the leicon and the reference to the large Kittels/TDNT. Since I can’t fi it, I’m trying to create a ‘quick reference list’ with Strong’s numbers to large Kittel’s. I figure it would be about 30 pages ?, I have been cutting and pasting each -G41 to 1:114, 14 . I maybe done in a year or two at this rate 🙂 … any help or where to go or what to do appreciated.

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