2011-01 Cox Prayer Update

We would like to thank those who continually pray for us, and uphold us before the Lord. Over the past month and a half, we have heard news of some 4 churches that are having great problems here in Mexico. We thank God for the peace that is in our church. It is your prayers that protect us from Satan’s attacks.

We would ask that you please pray about several situations. First of all, we have a family in the church where the man has come very seldom, and now he has left his wife, and probably will not return ever. We ask that you pray for his salvation. We think he has links with very wicked people in the organized crime and drugs. He was involved in the holy death cult (Santa Muerte) and has a tattoo of Satan on his arm. We would ask that you pray for Gonzalo’s  salvation.

One of our single moms has a son, Fernando, and he likewise is having severe problems. He has dropped out of church some time back, and now he has run away from home. He came back, but he doesn’t want to go to school, work in his mom’s store, nor do anything but listen to Rock and Roll and run around with his friends. His ambition in life is to be a drug trafficker! Please pray for his salvation.

We also would ask that you would pray for Mary, the wife of one our men. She is Pentecostal, and she is very unstable, and it looks like she is pushing her marriage towards a divorce, so please pray for her.

We would also ask for your prayers about our church building. We are renting a place now, and was renting just for Sunday 2 hours the place in front, and they have rented that to somebody else. We would ask your prayers that God would open a better place for us, or work whatever is His will.

I have been very sick with the flu for the last month, and taking antibiotics. I just about have gotten over that, but please pray that I don’t have a relapse.

In Christ,
David Cox