Do we need to “Remake” “Church”?

Do we need to “Remake” “Church”? People reject God’s vision of the church for their own, and try to remake God’s church

There has been a movement afoot for many years now, and it is gaining more and more popularity today. This movement is a move to “remake” what we know as “church.” In this article, I am going to examine the movement against the light of the Bible. Consider Bert Farias’ Unchurch the Church.

Unlike the beginnings of the early Church, much of the Church today is set up like a corporation with lots of organization and structure, programs and budgets, which are useful, but often with so little emphasis on prayer and the Holy Spirit’s workings, as well as relationship with one another in the context of kingdom culture

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Duarte – The Secret Structure of Great Talks

Duarte – The Secret Structure of Great Talks is a good listen for all preachers.

This is Nancy Duarte’s TEDS speech (18 minutes) about Great Talks. Although there is nothing really “Christian” about this video, it has made a big impact on me. While I watch this video I realized that a lot of the things she is saying is just good preaching. It parallels biblical preaching, i.e. present the need (sinner is under the condemnation of God), present the end result (sinner saved, living in Christ), and then present the bridge between the two, i.e. how do we get from the first point to the conclusion. Excellent speech!

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