Dangerous Mexico 1

Dangerous Mexico

Dangerous Mexico 1 In this article which is a commentary on a news article from Breitbart.com’s new organization, I comment on the dangers of Mexico from the perspective of an American living in Mexico City for more than 30 years.

Most people don’t really understand just how dangerous Mexico really is. They may go to Mexico as a tourist, and basically not run into any problems, and everything is fine. But the truth of the matter is that Mexico is a dangerous place. In this blog I want to outline some of the dangerous areas of Mexico, and also I want to reflect on why Mexico is dangerous, the cultural elements that attribute to that danger. These things are appearing in the United States, and this is very alarming.

Note that I am not just “talking through my hat”. If you check these articles, you will see that worldwide, Mexico is recognized as being dangerous.

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How to Kill Christian Missions

How to kill missions

How to Kill Christian Missions is an article by David Cox on the degeneration

When I was young back in “the dinosaur age”, I felt the call to missions. A large part of that call or divine pull in my soul came from reading books by missionaries about missions. In these books, the dedication of these men and women who went to the foreign mission field “BY FAITH”, an expression which simply means that there were no visible means for doing what they did, just a divine call, and a strong conviction that God would provide the means for every mission he sends a servant to do. I never thought I would be seeing in our day people, Christian people of with the objective How to Kill Christian Missions

We read about missionaries in those olden days going for 4-7 years without any support checks arriving, and in those days, and many of these missionaries lived lives that did not see much fruit by way of multitudes of people, buildings, cash flow, and such. But they were faithful workers, that stayed on the field of service, and worked even when there was no money. We don’t want How to Kill Christian Missions.

My observation is that there was a calling, a dedication, and a willingness to work the work of God without much financial income to speak of. Their reward was in heaven, and really they didn’t expect much on earth. Basically, the idea was to hold body and soul together, i.e. pay for rent, clothes, and food, and hopefully medicine if and when needed. How to Kill Christian Missions

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Pragmatics, Immigration, and Democrats

What causes Mexico to be dangerous?

Pragmatics, Immigration, and Democrats explains some background understanding about Latino immigrates and their pragmaticism, and how this interacts with the Democratic Party give-aways. In our previous post, we looked at how dangerous Mexico is, and we examined the cartel aspect of life in Mexico. Now we want to turn to the philosophical reasons behind this phenomenon. Why are these people like this?

This article was originally written on June 1, 2017.

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Missionary Attrition (Dropouts)

Missionary Attrition

Missionary Attrition (Dropouts) is my thoughts on missionary dropouts. I saw an interesting article here, Dropouts-Burnouts-Forceouts-Never-Should-Have-Goneouts, which I will use as an introduction to my thoughts on the subject.

Missionary Attrition (Dropouts)


Let me begin by saying that it is extremely expensive to get a missionary on the foreign mission field working. Besides the years of personal and educational preparation that the missionary himself has to shoulder, once he “officially begins deputation” the costs are shared or shouldered mainly by local churches and the people of God. This “business of missions” should first of all be understood to “NOT BE A SECULAR BUSINESS”. Although many aspects of missions is like a business (money funds the activity on the foreign field, there are workers, there is the acquisition of funds, fundraising, promotion, etc), the basic thrust of missions is spiritual, and cannot be reduced to simple business economics.

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