Mexican Electoral Fraud

[firstchapter:General Overview]

First, an introduction of who I am for those coming to this page from a search. I am a missionary living in Mexico City for the last 25 years. I am not a political analyst, but I am observing what anybody here in Mexico can see. There is a tremendous controversy brewing here in Mexico over the results of this election, and truly, there is a dark cloud over the country of Mexico as Mexico tried to discern (and believe what one side or the other tells them) what is the truth of this election.

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Flawed Modern Missionary Methods

Summary: This article is my view of why some of the way we do things in missions today is just wrong.

Topics are:
1) Missionaries are distanced from church people.
2) We expect missionaries to put on a song and dance show for the church people, but the churches never let them actually do what is their ministry.
3) We are locked into a Madison Avenue mentality that says, only with spending a lot of money can you do anything serious.
4) We have distorted and destroyed biblical spirituality.
5) We are experts at missions, all the while never “producing” or “reproducing” ourselves.

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