Pray for our Protection against Kidnapping

kidnapping Mexico

Kidnapping in Mexico is on the rise, and we as missionaries are possible targets for this violence. We ask for your prayers for us, and our ministry here.

This post is from 2010. But we have recently had more reports in 2020 of kidnapping, and as the economy in Mexico tanks, people are using whatever means they can to make money.

Note: I am “cleaning” this site of old prayer updates and also pictures that could be used in “figuring us out” as a family.

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Being in a Mexican State of Mind

Mexican State of Mind

Being in a Mexican State of Mind

By Missionary David Cox [email protected]

It is not surprising, but people in other countries think differently than Americans. To a Muslim, it is perfectly alright to do violence in the name of their religion. We should not be surprised by that these days.

For Catholics like in Mexico, there is a kind of easy going-ness that is in both things (Catholics and Mexicans) that gets translated into not worrying about things. This is not really laziness, nor putting off really, but a lack of priority in life. They make things work even when life doesn’t hand them things in an easy, orderly, laid out fashion.

For example, they need work, are starving to death, so they want to get a good job in the US. They go and apply for a Visa, and get turned down. Then they just go to the border and try to cross, and the immigration people turn them back. They hang the border for a while talking to other Mexicans, and they find somebody that can get them across, so they do what they have to do in order to accomplish what they want.

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