Two Baptist Missionaries in Mexico Murdered

I ran across this information and thought it was very important since these two Baptist missionaries are in Mexico. We haven’t seen the power of the drug lords here in our area of Mexico City yet, but undoubtedly they are all around us.

Please pray for us.


VIDEO: httpv://

VIDEO: httpv://

I don’t want to alarm people with these news items, but we do need your prayers. It appears that sleepy Mexico has become the center of organized crime and violence in the world.

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  1. 2 Crónicas 7
    14 si se humillare mi pueblo, sobre el cual mi nombre es invocado, y oraren, y buscaren mi rostro, y se convirtieren de sus malos caminos; entonces yo oiré desde los cielos, y perdonaré sus pecados, y sanaré su tierra.
    Esto viene constantemente a mi mente cuando pienso en México.

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