Cox Prayer Update October 2020

Cox Prayer Update October 2020 is an update on the missionary ministry of David and Tule Cox in Mexico City.

Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City
October 21, 2020

Our Furlough and Tule’s Green Card renewal

There is a saying in Spanish that goes something like, “Man proposes, and God disposes” which means men make plans but God overrules. We planned a short 2 month furlough to renew Tule’s Green Card, and I was not finding answers to my questions. Some say you cannot renew it after 1 time, (this will be our third), and others say it is okay to renew unlimited times. After reading so many differing opinions and nothing clear on the US immigration website, I decided to use an immigration lawyer that the Lord moved somebody to recommend to me. He grew up on the mission field as a son of missionaries, and his father still is working with Baptist Mid-Missions.

So this has turned into getting Tule her citizenship. In Orlando, it is taking about 7 months to get the interview and after the interview (if all goes well), in another 2 months there is a swearing in ceremony. But our immigration lawyer tells me that once we file the papers with them (paying beforehand of course) then they will send us a letter saying that it is in process, and with that he knows of a way to file a waiver so she doesn’t have to stay in the US until it is done. We will return for her interview in 7 months. He knows another way to ask for an immigration judge to be present on the day of her interview, so he can swear her in so that she doesn’t have to return in two months.

So things are going great as far as that is concerned. I am getting the documents together that the lawyer says we have to have to file. The big problem right now are the expenses, which are several thousand dollars for all of this. Also flying back and forth, and our extra expenses up here. I was shocked at the prices for food now. Definite culture shock for us coming back into the US.

I am probably going to either get a bank loan or see if I can put it on my credit card so we ar not waiting for funds to file the paperwork. So please pray with us that the money will come in quickly to help us with these expenses. People and churches are stressed with no money, and I have to contend with that as God’s will. God has provided part of it already, so we are needing only about $1500 to $2000 to complete what expenses we have with this. I am unclear on all of the fees.

Tule’s Sister Vitelia
Providing we can get the waiver so that we can go back to Mexico shortly (like within weeks once the paperwork is filed) Tule will leave for Oaxaca to help with her sister who is dying of cancer. She is needing daily help and we are helping with the her expenses. So Tule will probably go there for 2 weeks to a month Pray for Vitelia that God will give her grace in these last days for her. Vitelia is Pentecosal and has made a decision for Christ, but is doubting now. She is very scared.

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David and Tule Cox Mexico City                                                 October 21, 2020