Cox Furlough Plans Fall 2020

Cox Furlough Plans Fall 2020 is an update to our missionary activities our furlough to renew Tule’s Green Card.

Cox Furlough Plans Fall 2020

We are presently on a furlough to Orlando Florida to renew Tule’s Green Card. I am not sure at this point, (will update this update as soon as I get information on what we are doing), but the idea is that her Green Card will expire in the first days of November.

So we need to renew the Green Card or get her citizenship. I am not sure which we will go try to get. I would prefer to get her citizenship because the immigration agents at the airport have threatened us before that she needs citizenship, that Green Cards are not to be constantly renewed (she has had 3 ten year renewals so far). So they threaten us to turn her around and send her back to Mexico.

I don’t understand how a lowly immigration agent in the airport can do that, but they do. In dealing with government officials over the years, they pretty think they are gods, and that they can dictate whatever they want to in your case, even though the law doesn’t give them the right to do that.

Our Plans for Furlough

Furlough, yea, like I am going to have a whole lot of success at getting new prayer and financial supporters during the Corona Virus mania and me not having a car to use. So my main objective during these days is simply to get it done.

I will try to communicate during this time with my supporting churches and see what I can do with them as far as updating them on our activities. In a few cases, we might be able to visit with them, and in others, it is very unlikely. But I will attempt it none-the-less.

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We would ask that you pray with us that God would provide extra donations to help us in this effort. Love offerings from where we visit or get online within their services would appear to be difficult. Our additional expenses continue to come in and drain our income. On top of that, these Green Card renewal or Citizenship papers will cost us.

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