Cox Prayer Letter December 2019

Cox Prayer Letter December 2019

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Our Ministry

The Christmas season is always rough on us. Usually, there is a lot of sicknesses, flu mostly, but also many of our people go out of town for the last 2-3 weeks of the year, and the first week of January (the celebration of the three kings extends Christmas until the 6th of January). We are already seeing our attendance go down. We have canceled our December meal until January the last few years because of this.

Although God has generously given us people to build this church, many of them are either very sick or are poor. That means that many are doing about all they can to attend, and those that do come regularly have problems with helping us sustain the expenses of the church. We actually have a number of people who come on public transportation, and some Sundays they don’t have the quarter or so for transportation for them and their families. Please pray for them as they struggle with life and being faithful to God.

We would ask you pray for Lupita Rosas who has Lupus, and swelling in the knees. They live on the 5th floor with no elevator. Marta Orosco still hasn’t come back to church because of her physical problems (she is elderly). Maribel has been coming but has financial problems still. Pray for Alyin (I had Alis last prayer letter, it is Alyin) as the doctors told her the tumor on her x-ray is not to worry about. She is seeking a second option. They haven’t done a biopsy, so I don’t trust the socialized medicine doctors much.

My Physical Problems

It appears that I have had an abscessed tooth for a while, and maybe all of my health problems were coming from that over the summer. I am in the middle of a root canal (two visits 12 days apart). I will have a crown put on it after that. It appears that the infection from that was causing me a lot of problems, and after 2 weeks of antibiotics to start with, I am feeling a lot better. It looks as though our road in front of our house will be dirt until mid January or February. They have stopped working on it for this year. Both Tule and I are getting sick from dealing with the dust now. To boot, water is not coming in from the city either. We have to buy a water truck instead until they fix all this.

Our Tract Ministry

We are up to 67,000 tracts printed this year so far. Our evangelism group of tracts is 8 tract titles now. I am also translating them into English, French, German, Portuguese, and Chinese Traditional. It is very hard work, and I don’t speak those languages (just English and Spanish), but I am using software, so once I translate it, I bounce it back from the target language back into English, and see where the translation went wrong, and change the phrasing in English/Spanish. It is slow work, but I have about 8 tracts in French, and a few in Portuguese, and 1 in Chinese. I proofed this with English / Spanish. James is abbreviated “Jam” in English, so if I don’t write it out completely, the software translates it into Spanish as “jelly 2:13” for example. Tricks of the trade I guess. I have to work the English or Spanish a lot before I use software on it. Pray for this expansion of our ministry.

Please pray for us.                                                                      David and Tule Cox Mexico

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