Cox Prayer Update February 2021

Cox Prayer Update February 2021 is a monthly update on the David and Tule Cox missionary family in Mexico, an update on their church plant in Mexico City, and their worldwide Internet ministry.

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Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City

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February 2021

Our Church
We continue with services in Zoom. Our people are becoming a little more faithful in attending Wednesday nights. I have started a series teaching verse by verse through Proverbs. I did this back in 2009. I am redoing it again. So far, our people are liking it from what I can tell. So, we now have 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM services on Sundays and 6:00 PM services on Wednesday nights.


As a matter of fact, going out door to door in evangelism is dead. I cannot justify at this point encouraging our folk to take that risk. Some are going out anyway. Many are inviting friends and family to join our services. Several have had Covid now, and a number have had family members die of Covid, so it is just not good wisdom at this point. We are praying about it. Juan Roblero has a taxi that he is working (he already had Covid last month and is over it). So, he is passing out tracts to his passengers. Silvia is going to a government clinic to pass out our tracts (with a piece of candy attached to each one) to the long line of people trying to get medical attention. We have two people who are getting our tracts in small local mom and pop stores. Antonio suggested that we have a “Get to know us” zoom session for 2 hours each week where our people can invite friends and family to hear the gospel. I think we will do that in a week or two. Also, maybe a weeknight Bible study for new believers. It is extremely difficult to do evangelism under lockdown and with circus the government is putting us through in locking down, opening up after lock downs, locking down again, etc. Please pray for us that we continue to get the gospel out.

We are having several people around us die from Covid and other normal non-Covid conditions. Some did not get medical attention for fear of going to a hospital. Vitelia continues to hang in there. We ask prayer for her, especially that she makes sure her salvation. It is good and bad that people see so much death. Good that they reflect on their own relationship with the Savior, and bad because so many people are unsaved, unconcerned, and when the time comes, they don’t have time to seek the Savior before dying.

I would ask that you please pray with us that God would provide for us and for those who support and pray for us, that they have the wherewithal to continue. We pray for our supporters every night. Please pray with us that our regular monthly would maintain itself. Pray that our financial supporters can continue to send their monthly support. We ask special prayer for that. Also, that our people have their daily income somehow. We continue to help them with respect to that as God provides.

Prayer Updates:

David and Tule Cox Mexico City                                                 February 19, 2021

We give our sympathies and heart-felt condolences to the family and church of Pastor Marquez, one of our financial supporters that died recently of Covid. May God comfort all he left behind as he graduates to heaven.

Pastor Marquez
Pastor Marquez