Cox Prayer Update January 2021

Cox Prayer Update January 2021 is a monthly update on the David and Tule Cox missionary family in Mexico, an update on their church plant in Mexico City, and their worldwide Internet ministry.

IBF Tlahuac Church Photo
IBF Tlahuac Church Photo

Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City

January 2021

Update on where we are

We went up to the states (Orlando FL) in October and processed Tule’s Green Card renewal as well as her naturalization papers. They are processing which should take from 7 months to 2 years. We returned to Mexico at the end of December. We have not missed any of our services while in the states (which are via Zoom). We got a notice from immigration that everything is taking more time because of Covid 19. We have permission to leave the country for work purposes (missionary work) in Mexico while her papers are in process but only until October of this year. We will have to go back up sometime in the next few months again when Immigration wants her for her photo and fingerprints. Please pray for this next visit we are going to have to make. I am not sure what rules will finally be place when we have to go, but it looks like we will have to have a Covid 19 test a few days or week before we fly out, and maybe even a certificate of vaccination, which we haven’t gotten yet.

Our Church

We continue with services in Zoom. I am wanting to start a Bible school or institute via the Internet also, but life seems exceedingly difficult to just get the minimal of things done. Both Tule and I continue to have health problems, sneezing, coughing, and headaches. Maybe hay fever or something. But they come and go all in less than a half hour, and then we are fine for weeks afterward. Finding a doctor these days would be difficult. Hospitals are turning away Covid patients, and doctors are telling patients to do home care if possible. Non-Covid illnesses are not being treated except kind of “on the black market” very rarely.

We continue to pray as a group for our evangelism outreach. Antonio is a high school teacher, and he led two young boys to the Lord. I believe they are his relatives somehow. Although I am not going out passing out tracts myself (I have diabetes, high blood pressure), some of our people have taken it on themselves to do so. Juan had Covid and is now recovered and is returning to his taxi and giving out our tracts to his passengers. Silvia is also going out in front of a government clinic that has long lines of people waiting, and she is giving out tracts to people in the lines. Martha and a Christian friend of Maria de la Luz both are giving out our tracts at their stores at the checkout counter. Maria de la Luz is giving them to her friend who has a tortilla store to give to their clients, and Marta has a small convenience store doing the same. So, I am directing our people who are not leaving their houses to pray regularly for those who are getting the gospel out. Prayer is extremely necessary for people to respond to the Gospel call. Please pray with us.

I would ask that you please pray with us that God would provide for us and for those who support and pray for us, that they have the wherewithal to continue. We pray for our supporters every night. Please pray with us that our regular monthly would maintain itself. Pray that our financial supporters can continue to send their monthly support. We ask special prayer for that.

Prayer Updates:

David and Tule Cox Mexico City                                                                           February 3, 2021