Cox Prayer Update July 2021

Cox Prayer Update July 2021 is a copy of our Prayer Letter for July 2021 also about my health and our trip to the US for Tule’s Immigration Naturalization.

Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City
July 2021

Our Church IBFT

We have opened the building for services, and Mexico City has gone from a green light to an orange light, so the city might shut us down again soon. Our people are coming, and the church is filling up nicely. If many more people come, then we will have to move some people into the other room.

Sunday August 1, I had a bad time preaching during the second service, and my blood pressure dropped during the sermon, so I went home afterward (Paulo drove us), and we talked to our doctor over the telephone, and she ordered some medicine for me. I feel better now, but I will see my doctor tomorrow, and I think we need to adjust my diabetes and high blood pressure medicines.

Tule’s Naturalization Papers

We have been waiting for USCIS to schedule the next appointment in Orlando for Tule, and we got that notice last week. We will be flying up to the states for 2-3 weeks to take care of that leaving sometime between August 9 to 13. We are trying to straighten out what vaccination papers and stuff we need, as well as buy the plane tickets. We are not sure as to what will happen in the next months as they might require Tule to physically be in states until the process ends. Our immigration lawyer says that this is now taking from 10 to 16 months, so we should be finished by February 2022. Pray that these appointments and our traveling will go well. I don’t want another low blood pressure episode in transit. Also please pray for our finances as this will hit us somewhat. (Thanks to brother Irwin Holly, Santee Baptist BC, our immigration lawyer lowering some cost, and other people, the actual immigration fees have all been paid for. Thank you, brethren.) Pray for our two children, Kelsie and Russ, that they get good jobs as they finished school and are looking.

Our Ministry

I am preaching in person in the church, and we are recording it and sending our services out via Zoom and a YouTube channel We are having to incorporate more people in a typical service to handle the Zoom part of the service, somebody to play the karaoke music, and a music director also for the song service as well somebody to record and upload the services onto our YouTube channel. The brethren will be preaching while we are gone. Pray for them as we are using some of our young people, and they haven’t preached much yet.

Spotlight on our site This site is in Spanish.

This site (1 of 34 of my sites) has both Sunday Teacher helps and actual Sunday School Classes for all ages. 40,000 pages seen/month, 8000+ visitors/month. 2.8 GBs downloaded monthly. (Courtesy of AWStats)

Prayer Updates:

David and Tule Cox Mexico City                                                           August 2, 2021

2021-07-31 Cox Prayer Update July 2021
2021-07-31 Cox Prayer Update July 2021
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