Cox Prayer Letter August 2020

Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City August 2020

Greetings to all. We continue with services on Zoom and Libreoffice Impress (like PowerPoint) to present sermons, and we are studying through the Wiles of the Devil after finishing some 14 Sundays on the Holy Spirit. New visitors join us in these Zoom services each month. (Praise) We are seeing the peak of new cases go up each month here and the cases are not abating at all. So Mexico will open up next year probably.

Evangelism. Basically, our tract evangelism has totally stopped. I am estimating that about only 20-30% of the people are out and about, mostly buying groceries, & working. I continue to print more tracts, and our people are folding them in anticipation that one day soon, we can give them out. We are accumulating cases of tracts ready to go. We have three people who have small stores that put our tracts in their stores by the cash register and people are taking some of those so a little is getting out.

Prayer Requests.

Please continue to pray for Marta Orosco, as she is having lapses of memory. Likewise, Jacobo (who fell) is progressing. They removed his pins from his arm and hand and put it into a cast. Both Edgar and his wife Cecilia need operations and are waiting. Please pray for our people as some are working, others have pensions or help from family, but the help from others and savings are being eaten up quickly. We continue to give food bank type stuff as our finances permit. Luis Ramos also is under chemo, and I think they are having problems with his medicine not working.

We have to return to Orlando by October to renew Tule’s green card. If we don’t she might lose it. I also want to vote in the election in person. Because of Corona virus, I don’t think I will be getting many opportunities to preach or present our work. Pray that we get meetings and finances on this trip.

Tule wants to go see her sister in southern Mexico one more time for a week or two before we go (Vitellia won’t last long it appears), and we are trying to gather funds for that trip. She also always leaves some money for Vitellia’s expenses. We ask that you pray for her, because Vitellia is Pentecostal, and it appears Vitellia is having some serious problems now with her life as far as her relationship with the Lord. They have a brother that lives in the same village as Vitellia, Hugo, (he is Catholic) so please pray for Hugo and his family’s salvation. There is bad blood between Hugo and the rest of the family, and Tule’s nephew, Antonio, is a medical doctor and is saved. Antonio witnessed to Hugo again this week, but this time he seems to have listened (but did not accept the Lord). We also need to add about 3-4 new churches as supporters because of our support level is still very low for years now.

David and Tule Cox Mexico City August 31, 2020

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