Prayer Letter August-September 2021

Prayer Letter August-September 2021 is about David and Tule Cox’s trip to Orlando and events in our ministry during August and September 2021.

Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City
August-September 2021

Our Church IBFT

We are still having in-building services as well as on Zoom, and half and half as far as our members. I am using PowerPoint to present my sermons. We are growing a little now, but a lot of our people are not coming nor watching. Pray for them. Without work and in this situation, discouragement is a real problem.

Tule’s Naturalization Papers

We flew up to Orlando for 3 weeks and had Tule’s USCIS appointment in Orlando. Everything went fine praise the Lord! Our immigration lawyer says that this is now taking from 10 to 16 months, so we should be finished by February 2022. Pray that these appointments and our traveling will go well, and God would supply extra funds for travel. I don’t want another low blood pressure episode in transit. Also please pray for our finances as this will hit us somewhat. (Thanks to brother Irwin Holly, Santee Baptist BC, our immigration lawyer lowering some cost, and other people, the actual immigration fees have all been paid for. Thank you, brethren.) Pray for our two children, Kelsie and Russ, that they get good jobs as they finished school and are looking.

Our Ministry

I am preaching in person in the church, and we are recording it, (our services are in Spanish) and sending our services out via Zoom and in YouTube channel We are having to incorporate more people in a typical service to handle the Zoom part of the service, somebody to play the karaoke music, and a music director also for the song service, someone to record and pray for prayer requests as well somebody to record and upload the services onto our YouTube channel. The brethren preached while we are gone and did a fine job. Pray for them as we are using some of our young people to direct the services and have an opportunity to preach, and they haven’t preached much yet. I am preparing some classes on how to preach and how to make a sermon.

Our Health

I would ask prayer for our health. Tule is beginning to have “old people’s problems,” and I am well into those things now. Tule is like the energizer bunny on TV. She doesn’t seem to ever stop. Praise God for her because I need a lot of help. I am having problem with my feet and legs, tired leg syndrome, or varicose veins, or hardening of the arteries, diabetic neuropathy, or whatever. Take your choice. A recent angiologist doctor said my veins are fine, but most probably it is from a life of being flat footed and my nerves going out from my medulla to my legs and feet has a lesion on it or are being pinched. I am going to a orthopedist next to see if he can help. Probably will prescribe shoe inserts for my arches and exercises to help. Please pray for me as that causes me to not be able to sit for very long at a time (30 minutes is a lot for me now). I do get my sermons done though.

Spotlight on our site This site is in Spanish.

This site (1 of 34 of my sites) has both Sunday Teacher helps and actual Sunday School Classes for all ages. 40,000 pages seen/month, 8000+ visitors/month. 2.8 GBs downloaded monthly. (Courtesy of AWStats)

Prayer Updates:

David and Tule Cox Mexico City                                                           September 26, 2021

Prayer Letter August-September 2021

Footnote: One of our faithful men, Luis Ramos, passed away last week of lung cancer. He didn’t smoke.

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