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Trip to California – Lupus

Dear Praying Friend,

We would like to ask your prayers for a special need we have at this time.

First of all, an update on our status. We are still having an extremely slow time of it at getting meetings and getting our needed support. Our monthly budget is “nip and tuck” most months, and sometimes we barely make ends meet to pay rent. We are under a lot of economic need at present.

Secondly, we have gotten a few new supporters over 2016, and I expect that we will get at least a few more before we return to Mexico. Please pray that some of our supporting churches would raise our support to help out on things.

Thirdly, we have been out on furlough for close to two years now, and the economic situation in the churches that we can see seems to continue to be bad. Most churches don’t even listen or review our promotional literature because they have no possibility to take on a new missionary, so this is bad for us.

Notwithstanding, our church in Mexico City is suffering because we are not there, and we need to return to it. We are planning on going back in August or September of 2017. Our rent contract in Orlando is up at that time, and we will move our two kids from a 3 bedroom place to a 2 bedroom place. Once we do that, we will visit with family a week or two and return to Mexico with whatever we have in hand. They will continue in college there. Please pray for them as they still depend on us for support, and also they are studying medicine, and the university system is heavily liberal, and it works against a good Christian all the way around. Pray that they would find some good Christians as friends.

By August, we still need about $4000 to move back to Mexico, pay rent deposits, stay in a hotel until we find a place to rent, and buy some furniture and a bed, etc. We sold all of that because of lack of storage space, and also because we needed more for traveling to the states. Of this financial need, we don’t have anything in hand at the moment. Pray that we would quickly find a good economical place when we get back.

Fourthly, our family doctor gave Tule a test, and it came back positive for Lupus. That doctor cannot diagnose for Lupus though. So she referred us to a rheumatologist. The dates that he can attend patients are like 4-6 months in advance, so we really didn’t want to go to him, do a bunch of tests, and then break that off when we return to Mexico.

Tule has found a clinic that treats Lupus in Tijuana Mexico, just below San Diego. It is a different approach, and we would buy medicine necessary for the months we will still be in the US. We are planning on a trip to Los Angeles (about 3 hours north of Tijuana) in March and April (if the Lord provides necessary funds). Our dates for the California trip are March 3 through April 21st. We are planning on taking the first week or so of that trip, and going to this clinic. We would go to our meetings on Sunday, and cross the border on Monday, returning Friday or Saturday for the next weekend meetings. Please pray that we would get a full schedule of meetings in this trip, and some new supporters would come of it.

Our special prayer request is that God would use this clinic to help Tule get a good grasp on her Lupus and give some relief. They are supposed to only cost about 20% of what a doctor treating that in the US would charge. As such we are estimating that it should cost less than $2000 for that part of things, and that would include 5 days hotel south of the border. We would return to Tijuana from Mexico City after we return if she needs followup. (I don’t think that will be necessary though as we can buy the medicine in Mexico. Maybe another visit to this clinic in a year or two after taking the medication.)

We think that this will be cheaper on us in the long run, as not all Lupus treatment may be covered by our health insurance. We would ask you to pray for this clinic to help Tule with her problem, that God would protect us “south of the border” (there are problems between Trump and Mexico, and gringos are not the most welcome people right now). Also please pray for funds for the trip. I am estimating that the trip to California will cost around $3500 and we probably will get close to $1000 in love offerings. Maybe a little more, maybe less.

Pastor Marquez (one of our supporters in a Spanish speaking church) is arranging our meetings out there in California.

​So we would request your prayers. There is a possibility we won’t go at all if we don’t have funds to go on the trip, so please pray for that also. ​We have other expenses that we are just waiting on the Lord for. Both Tule and I have dental work we need done, but we are holding off on that for now except when some emergency comes up. I also need to change my eyeglasses which is a tri-focal, and is expensive. We need to sell our present car and purchase a newer model. All of this we are just waiting because of a lack of funds. Normally love offerings would cover a lot of this while on furlough, but this furlough has seen few meetings and love offerings.

We really need more monthly support with the way things are going for us. It is incredibly difficult to get meetings these days, much less actual support. We could really use your prayers for us.

I am also trying to sell some things through our websites to make at least a little bit of extra income to help us out. It is difficult as a missionary to work any kind of secular job, so selling some of my books and things is about the only option I see, but I am trying to help our situation however I can. Both of our children, Kelsie and Russ, have jobs, and are working to help support their financial needs as we are not in a position to really give them much. They are both full time students and are working 20 some hours per week. The Pell grant money has provided them with a car each, and it is running out, so they are having to fight the money problem without much help from mom and dad.

Finally, pray for our church on the field. Some of our people left when we first left on furlough, and the entire church was depressed about that. It hasn’t gotten better.

​Prayer requests
1. Meetings until August 2017.
2. New monthly support​.
3. Return to field fund by August.
4. Trip to California (meetings, new support, funds to cover expenses).
5. Clinic in Tijuana
6. Safety in Tijuana
7. Special Expenses in all of this.
8. New apartment for Kelsie and Russ in Orlando.
9. New apartment or house in Mexico for us when we return.
10. Our church on the field.
11. Newer car for us before we go back (a 2010 is what we are hoping for).
12. Money for odds and ends we need before we go back.

Specific Financial needs/prayer requests
1. Trip to California $3000 (pray for good love offerings)
2. Clinic $2000
3. Return to Field $4000
4. Newer Car fund ????
5. More Monthly Support
6. That we would get added income from donations through the websites and sale of things off my websites.
7. Finances of our church on the field.

We want to thank all of our faithful supporters who do send us sacrificially every month. We are so glad to have these people standing with us and supporting us. Without them, it would be impossible to do the work of the Lord. If you feel let to give something, and do not have money immediately, it is fine to give even when we are on the trip or on the way back.

If you would like to donate towards these expenses,  please write a check to

Orlando Bible Church
4405 East Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803

Please note that the check needs to be made out to “Orlando Bible Church”, and on the memo line or on a separate piece of paper with the check, you will need to add “For David Cox” in order for it to get to us.

In Christ,
Your Missionaries
David and Tule Cox​

(You may also donate via paypal through this donation button below)

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