No Muslims Allowed

No Muslims Allowed

No Muslims Allowed

No Muslims Allowed
By David Cox

No Muslims AllowedI recently read this post on WND…

Media Silent on Surge in Islam-Inspired Knife Attacks

This article basically explains what is happening in America. But the article makes some interesting observations. The basic point of it is that Obama is hiding and downplaying all negative things against Islam which is a growing and worsening problem.

What’s going on here?

“Since the common links in most if not all these cases are Muslim or Islamophile perpetrators, bladed weapons and attacks on the neck area, I would submit that the driving force is the Islamic rubric to behead unbelievers – spelled out specifically in the Quran,” Furnish said.

He cited Sura al-Anfal [VIII]:12 and Sura Muhammad [XLVII]:4.

Furnish elaborated on these scriptures in the article, “Beheading in the Name of Islam,” published in Middle East Quarterly.

Quran 47:3 is the key scripture but there are others. (

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