Good free books for Bible Study

Good books for Bible Study

Good free books for Bible Study is an explanation of how I got involved in Christian books after college, my problems and needs for a Christian reference library for my ministry, and how God not only supplied my needs with free books, but also made it such that I can freely offer these books to hundreds and thousands of other Christians.


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Pray for our Protection against Kidnapping

kidnapping Mexico

Kidnapping in Mexico is on the rise, and we as missionaries are possible targets for this violence. We ask for your prayers for us, and our ministry here.

This post is from 2010. But we have recently had more reports in 2020 of kidnapping, and as the economy in Mexico tanks, people are using whatever means they can to make money.

Note: I am “cleaning” this site of old prayer updates and also pictures that could be used in “figuring us out” as a family.

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