Hardships of Missionary Life

Problems of Missionary Life

When a person chooses to be a missionary, there are certain sacrifices that they make in order to partake in this kind of ministry. Essentially you lose a lot of your “identity” to become a missionary. The simple question, “Where are you from?” becomes a complicated question because while I was born and raised in South Carolina, I have spent more time in Mexico than the US. Mexican people we visit. Sometimes they joke saying, “David is more Mexican than we are!” I have adapted to Mexican culture and foods, and I really like at least most of the Mexican foods.

But this price we pay is difficult to handle many times.  You kind of “lose your identity” in the process of being a good missionary. We must celebrate the Mexican holidays and basically follow the Mexican culture, because you just cannot survive without doing that. Image if a Mexican was to pastor your church and not celebrate the Fourth of July! He would be extremely out of sync with the people he is trying to reach.

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Being in a Mexican State of Mind

Mexican State of Mind

Being in a Mexican State of Mind

By Missionary David Cox [email protected]

It is not surprising, but people in other countries think differently than Americans. To a Muslim, it is perfectly alright to do violence in the name of their religion. We should not be surprised by that these days.

For Catholics like in Mexico, there is a kind of easy going-ness that is in both things (Catholics and Mexicans) that gets translated into not worrying about things. This is not really laziness, nor putting off really, but a lack of priority in life. They make things work even when life doesn’t hand them things in an easy, orderly, laid out fashion.

For example, they need work, are starving to death, so they want to get a good job in the US. They go and apply for a Visa, and get turned down. Then they just go to the border and try to cross, and the immigration people turn them back. They hang the border for a while talking to other Mexicans, and they find somebody that can get them across, so they do what they have to do in order to accomplish what they want.

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Service inside Mexican Basilica

Service inside Mexican Basilica This is a video (not by me) of the outside and inside of Mexico’s biggest Cathedral, the Basilica in Mexico City. The idolatry is abundantly clear.