Ending your presentation on time

Missions Mentoring: Ending your Presentation on Time

This short under 2 minute talk is about missionaries ending their presentations on time. While what this fellow says is true, it can give the wrong idea. Just because you end on time doesn’t mean that the church will give you support. The opposite may be truer though. If you go over your allowed time, your chances greatly decrease with the more time you go over. Ask the pastor, and try to stay within that time limit. I would also point out that you need to clarify what time you are to stop speaking, and what time the service is over. Many pastors stop before 12 AM and have an invitation and closing hymn, so you only have until like 11:50. Good ole U.S.A., getting at the beginning of the feed-line at the restaurant after Sunday morning church is more important than getting anything spiritual from the message. Yep! That’s about it!

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Using Color correctly in Slide Prentations

First of all, these principles are basic art class principles. Color is extremely useful in presentations, but note that there are some rules to observe.

Most missionary presentations use very few title slides, but some use a background kind of effect with an image within that “frame”, and a title. The frame and title would be where you would apply the principles in this post.

There is a very useful and nice program called VideoScribe that allows you to make a whiteboard type video, where a hand actually draws the image. These color balancing tips come from their website (you don’t have to use their program to follow this tip). I will use there images and add logos of companies to illustrate what they say.


I will summarize the rules here.

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Success is a two edged Sword

Truly, every single missionary wants success. It is extremely important to really understand “what success is for a missionary”. For many people, success can be defined as the 3 B’s: Bodies, Bucks, and Buildings. See my tract ch31 3Bs of success: buildings, bodies, and bucks In this tract I refute those elements of success. The Jack Hyles school of ministry would clearly define success in these parameters. While these things may seem to be success for Christian ministries, it is very unspiritual, and it is very much not what the Bible presents. As far as we know, Jesus had no building EVER. The money aspect of Jesus’ ministry did not appear prominent, i.e. he did not have expensive things a lot of money could buy. When at the end he entered into Jerusalem at the beginning of his final week, he had to borrow somebody else’s “wheels” (a burro, not a nice horse), and he had to borrow somebody else’s upper room. Both of these elements, as well as all the other aspects of his ministry point to a ministry devoid of “riches”. He helped the poor, but he himself and his inner circle walked wherever they went from all indications.

Even the “helping aspect” of Jesus’ ministry is something that is speaking strongly against modern success oriented ministries. Notice that Jesus fed the thousands and healed many. These things were not the appeal that Jesus put forth as his main focus. We see nowhere that Jesus nor his followers went about advertising free food or free healing. These things were not the focus. Jesus’ focus was centrally and exclusively on the Gospel. People came to hear the Gospel, not for the food. This was the advertisement Jesus and his disciples’ used if there were even an advertisement at all. Word of mouth was what would appear to be the only advertisement they used.

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