Update on David Cox Ministry March 28, 2023

Update on David Cox Ministry March 28, 2023 is an update on our ministry in Mexico.

We continue to work with our church here in Mexico City. Sometimes things get discouraging, and at the moment, several of the key people in our church are having spiritual problems in their lives which causes me as pastor to be discouraged. We counsel and pray for them, but it does not look like they are moving forward in their Christians, but are backsliding. Frankly, nobody is going to get away with sin, even Christians. The only path that is anyway good is to confess, sincerely repent, and begin to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.

It seems that some people think that they can hide from God and get away with it somehow. A few people in particular are more concerned what people think about them and possibly knowing their sin that what God thinks about them. As such, this greatly discourages me. Even though I have preached very helpful sermons in the past 4 or 5 months that would have helped these people, I doubt they are listening to them. (We record the sermons and upload them to our YouTube channel.)

Our Health

My wife Tule has now had her first blood work done (today actually) because she thinks she might be getting diabetes. We will see soon. But she is still in better health than I am. I am preaching and teaching Sunday School, and we have started a Sunday evening Bible study again. Few of our people are returning to this meeting even though it is on Zoom.

For Easter week and a month before Easter, the Catholics block off the principles street around our house. They have parades and sell things in booths like a county fair. Our church Sunday School starts are 10 AM. It is a 15 minute to our church when things are normal. But as a habit we leave the house at 8 AM, start to get things ready and then go next door to eat breakfast. There is a movie theater in the same plaza where our church is, so since they can go into the entryway to the church and not be seen, after dark people go there to use it as a bathroom. Once about every two months we have to clean that entryway before church. But on a normal Sunday, we leave at 8 AM and by 8:15 or 8:20 AM we are cleaning up a little, and then go eat. We are back in the church by 9:20, and we wait.

This past Sunday was one of the “not normal” Sundays, and we had the double whammy of a running marathon and the parades. We were cut off at every turn. We got into traffic in a back way to the church, and literally sat there 20 minutes. We returned to the house and eventually made it to church, but it was 20 minutes after 9 when we made it there. Unbelievable.

Our Ministry

We have reduced our preachers to only 3 for the moment. I am waiting on the others to fix some things in their lives before I let them preach again. We will see. One I do not think I will allow him to preach again. Please pray for Raul.

It is hard to explain things sometimes. You really have to be in the ministry yourself to understand, and even then, I don’t know that I understand what is going on myself. But the people and their spiritual character apparently make the ministry that they are in. Good Christian people make a good church, and likewise for the leaders and ministers.

So, even though I wish our people could continue on with me and my wife, a lot of things seem like we are holding things together by our personality. I wish it wasn’t so much that way. But people come because of their friendship with us, but they don’t want to work themselves so much. I haven’t found an answer to that. But we continue on preaching, teaching, and exhorting, and even some people seem to be deaf to the Lord, and their friendship with us is not as much as they seem it to be. We keep encouraging, exhorting, and even rebuking kindly in sermons, but their real problem is that they don’t want to repent of their sins, so the problems in their lives continue unabated.

We have some of our people passing out tracts before Sunday School in a Walmart in front of our church, and Juan Carlos, a fireman, came in after receiving a tract. He didn’t leave a phone number or email on his information card, so he didn’t come back last Sunday. Please pray for him. He confessed to being saved, so he is looking for a good church.

Update on David Cox Ministry March 28, 2023