Mexico Travel Advisory

U.S. issues Mexico Travel Advisory

U.S. issues Mexico Travel Advisory

Review by David Cox.

Truthfully, Mexico is a very dangerous place to be. The whole country is about to explode into violence and lots of problems that will result in causalties both in Mexicans and anybody else that happens to be there.

The Mexican government is not in control here, only the drug lords and cartels, and even their control shifts with the passing days as one gets knocked down and another one takes its place.

What can the USA do?

Perhaps many Americans wonder, what can we do? One of the things is to demand stability in the Mexican government. Pressure from the US is what Mexico listens to. This pressure needs to be on a lot of issues. I will name a few here that I see. Transparency in government needs to be a major issue in Mexico. The corrupt government needs to be aired publically, and they need to be condemned or the US stops helping Mexico. While the corrupt government officials is one thing, the corrupt police really are the worse problem.

Another thing is that wages need to become comparable to the USA. When that happens, and the benefits of living in Mexico become comparable to the US, a lot of things will change. Here read, rich people need to loosen up and give more to their laborers.

Law needs to be upheld instead being ignored. America is following in Mexico’s footsteps as Obama completely does whatever he wants ignoring the US constitution. Donald Trump likewise does the same as he postures for the next presidency, and Hillary Clinton simply has no reason to even be in a president since she has broken so many laws and justice ignored this completely.

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