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David Cox Internet Ministries is an update on how our Internet Ministries are moving along, or our reach to the world.

As many of you know, I am a missionary to Mexico City, Mexico, where I pastor a local church. What many people do not know is that I write books and tracts. All of my books (well, most of them) are shorter 40-page books on topics that people want to know more. I have written over 60 of these booklets. These people are usually people in our church.

I have written probably around 450 Christian tracts which are essentially a paper guide and print out of my Sunday sermons on the front and back of a single 8.5×11 inch piece of paper. These reach people, and they contain a lot of verses and explanations, which people file away and come back to them at some later date.

These literature ministries really go hand in hand with our ministry here in Mexico City, but I post these things on the Internet and translate this material to various different languages.

Moreover, I have worked diligently in Bible software programs to make free public domain works, my own writings, as well as other people’s works that they allow reproduction without remuneration to them. These good Christian books I put into 3 different Bible programs formats, pdf, plus theWord, eSword, and MySword, both in English and in Spanish. People download these books a lot.

On September 14, 2023, I accessed my Cloudfare account and checked things. All my sites go through Cloudflare to speed them up. For the previous 30 days from this date, summing all of my accounts, this is what I found…

Bandwidth: 115.81 GBs. – basically, the html pages to view a web page, plus any files downloaded like these books, my tracts, etc.
Visits: 1.26 Million.
Page Views: 1.57 Million.

For 30 days, that seems like a lot of eyes seeing my websites.

To fill in a little on who is looking at my sites,

U.S.A. 30 GBs – GigaBytes Downloads.
Singapore 18GB.
Germany 9Gb.
Mexico 24Gb (half my sites are in English, and half in Spanish).
Finland 16Gb.
France 2.73Gb.
United Kingdom 1Gb.
Netherlands 1.28Gb.
Colombia 1.21 Gb.
Brazil .9Gb.
Among others.

Remember, these numbers are for the last 30 days, and more or less, this is every month.

This Internet ministry is my hobby. It compliments our preaching and teaching ministry. It costs me money, but it has helped my preaching, teaching, and writing to get around the world.

I have found ways to get my tracts into French, Italian, Portuguese, and about a dozen other languages. For Chinese, I just have a single salvation tract in that language, and it was extremely difficult to do, but something is up in Chinese.

From all of these people looking, the rule is, if it is on the Internet, people want it free. So all of my stuff is basically free. I have tried, and I do have ways to purchase a few pieces of this literature, but nobody wants to purchase it, and an extremely few number of people donate. We are talking about one $20 dollar donation every 5 months. That is the normal. So I bear all the burden of this ministry out of our living allowance. See Update on US Dollar to Peso Exchange Rate.

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David Cox Internet Ministries

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