Churches in the US: Missionary Support

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our personal support continues in decline in general over the past 5-7 years now. We are trying to write more churches, but things are still generally closed. It is my observation that the United States is following the same trends as England did, and even with the economic problems, when things get “back to normal”, these economic drops simply help Satan to attack missions. Eventually, there will be other countries sending missionaries into the US because the churches will either be closed or they will dwarf (as many denominations are experiencing this now) because as an organism, (1) they do not reproduce more churches, and (2) they do not replace their own bodies as these people die off.

In line with this trend, I would take a look at this article on the subject:

New Research: Attendance and offerings up for most churches in 2012 from Todd Rhoades.