Orchard parable: The Society for the Picking of Apples

I came across this modern day parable representing the intense focus on local ministry, and the trifle that churches spend on foreign missions. I think you will like it. It is very short (about a page long) but it is a good read.

Why listen to a missionary presentation?

As a missionary, what are we doing in making a missionary presentation? Perhaps to answer the question, we need to look at this from the opposite angle, why should people listen to missionary presentations? I came across an interesting post here Why hear a Missionary Presentation? which got me thinking.

I think one of the most biblical reasons I have come across is from

Acts 14:27 And when they were come, and had gathered the church together, they rehearsed all that God had done with them, and how he had opened the door of faith unto the Gentiles.  

The presenting of what a missionary does on the mission field is very important. But beyond just important to the missionary because he needs more prayer and money, or important to the church  because they don’t know where their money is going and want information, it is important because God says it is important. Without a clear deep rooted belief that this is necessary AND BIBLICALLY COMMANDED, a missionary will not fulfill God’s purposes and objectives in giving their missionary report.

1. Engage in world missions.

Jesus told His disciples to “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields” (John 4:35b), and hearing a missionary presentation is one good way to obey that command. (Barbara’s observation)

I think that this is very true. This passage reveals the biblical command for us to “disengage” with our local ministry for a spell, and engage with world missions. This is what the Great Commission is all about, “Go out and teach ALL NATIONS” Mat. 28:19. We cannot get away from this command, and somehow, through the proxy system know as missions, we are to fulfill this part of God’s command as equally as we do locally in our home church where we live.


This “engaging” is much more than sending a check or praying a prayer. It is getting involved with the work of missions outside of the United States (or wherever your home country is). This means first of all praying for the work there. Without information on what is being done, how it is going (frustrations, set-backs, and victories) as well as plans, you cannot pray intelligently. The most important part of praying is being accurately and timely informed of prayer needs and answers.

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Mexico to offer temporary work visas to Central American migrants

Mexico to offer temporary work visas to Central American migrants. This is my opinion on this news article in a Mexico publication (English newspaper).

Mexico to offer temporary work visas to Central American migrants. This is my opinion on this news article in a Mexico publication (English newspaper).

Update: I live in Mexico City, and we are seeing this with President Lopez Obrador’s administration. He is a populist socialist leaning president. But this will backfire on him. Many people that I talk to want to know why he didn’t do this for all the legions of unemployed Mexicans as well as employed with substandard wages. The point here is why would the Mexican government extend this help to foreign nationals, especially those that forced their way into Mexico without permission, when the same courtesy wasn’t given to Mexican nationals. Oh, this sounds so familiar. The argument is potent, and it stills rings after all the polemic is dispensed with.

Some observations. We are seeing a very few number of Haitians getting jobs here where we live. So they are entering the Mexican work force. Laziness is a great underlying character flaw in people who immigrate, it seems. But of all the Haitians that we see walking the streets here (we don’t have black people in our area, so they are obvious, and they speak some other language, Creole), most are like tourists. Every single one, even the kids, all have cell phones, and they are constantly looking at their cellphones. They are walking around in Bermuda shorts and flip-flops. But the most part of them don’t seem to looking for work. They are now moving into apartments, and everybody here asks, where are they getting their money from? Obviously, they are fleeing Haiti for economic reasons, so from what we are seeing is the Mexican government and family and friends in the US are sending money to them. They are lining up at the ATMS regularly. But it would appear that Joe Biden is giving Obrador millions for the illegals, and Obrador takes his 40% cut from that, and gives left-overs to the migrants. The Mexicans are asking why their government is giving this money to foreigners but not to them. They don’t realize it is Biden paying off Obrador to help the illegals. But in reality, a lot of migrants are not moving north. Not until they are forced to do so, and today I say in Breitbart news where the Mexican government is rounding them up and SENDING THEM TO THE SOUTHERN BORDER OF MEXICO WITH GUATEMALA! Go figure!

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