Are Mission Boards biblical?

I would refer you to an article by Church of Christ, John William McGarvey, “Missionary Societies” (1868), in which he argues that missionary societies are a modern invention which is unbiblical.

I think the issue here is very well put by McGarvey, when he argues that we are not at liberty to “invent” new conventions, organizations, and methods (especially not changing the content of the gospel message).

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Why God hates Calvinism

dead-at-computer To some people, just the title of this article would be blasphemous. God is against Calvinism. Let me expand on the why of this statement.

God wants man to move morally

From what we see and understand in Scripture, God wants man to move morally. By “moving morally” I mean God wants man to repent of his sins (moral activity), and have faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior (moral action). This moral action IS THE WILL OF GOD. In parlance of Calvinists, this is the perfect will of God, not the permissive will of God. Calvinism, in itself, admits that man believing God is good and is what God wants. The Calvinist will attribute this to his concept of irresistible grace acting on the individual, but even so, it is a good thing. This article is dual posted here and at

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