Saturday Evangelism Oct 2021

Saturday Evangelism Oct 2021 is an update on our church evangelism efforts with our missionary ministry here in Mexico City Mexico.

First of all, in 2019, I printed and our church people and I gave out around 69,000 tracts. That was the first year we kept any kind of real records, although I have given out tracts and witnessed to people on the street about salvation since I was in high school. In 2020 Covid hit, so we stopped in March. In those three months we gave out 20,000 tracts.

Then, we were shut down because of quarantine and besides the police running us off, none of our people really wanted to go out. A few, like a taxi cab driver gave tracts to his passengers. One lady in our church has a store she works, and she never closed except for a few weeks, and she had tracts also by the register.

But in October we are beginning to give out tracts again. I have around 5,000 so far. That includes a few hundred tracts that I count in that number when I print them up for a service, or like right now, we have about 6 Halloween tracts and put them out in the back of the church and our members pick up 20 or 30 of each title to give out to their friends.

Please pray for us. We have Juan (the taxi cab driver) and about 6 or 7 more coming in with me to give out tracts on Saturdays. One couple on Sunday AM before church starts at 10 AM.

Saturday Evangelism Oct 2021