May 2023 Cox Prayer Update

May 2023 Cox Prayer Update is an update of the Cox ministry, including a note about the active volcano 45 miles from us, and health issues for Tule.

Prayer Letter for David and Tule Cox in Mexico City  May 2023

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2023-05 Cox Prayer Update May 2023

Our Work

Our attendance has been off recently. The Covid experience is still causing a lot of problems with church attendance. We have several people with illnesses that would also explain some of our attendance problems. We continue to work with our people. Several are having spiritual problems, and they are not attending anymore, or very occasionally. It is depressing to see people who will not fix their spiritual life. Staying away from God’s Word and the fellowship of God’s people doesn’t “fix” anything, that only makes your problems worse. Please pray for our church and our people.

Please continue to pray for Juan Roblero as he has found a way to get his cataract surgery within financial reason. The American from Missouri living here and attending with us, Joseph, has gone back to the United States to work the few years that he needs for Social Security reasons. Genoveva, Edgar’s mother, is diabetic, and she is having serious problems with her blood sugar. Please pray for her. Enselmo also needs and is waiting on surgery. There are others among our group that are also sick.

Tule’s brother-in-law, Dr. Razo has cancer in his kidney. They operated on him. They have rented him an apartment in Oaxaca, about 4 hours from his home. He must go back to that hospital daily for hemodialysis. Pray for God to have mercy on him because of his cancer, and in this respite that God is giving him to live a little longer that Fernando would truly receive Christ into his heart. I tried to witness to himself before, but he insists on the Pentecost preacher’s view that by his forgiving everybody he has offended in his life, he will be “good with God”. That is not salvation according to the Bible.

Our Health

Well, this month, Tule is the one who has medical problems. It appears that she has kidney stones. She is taking medicine to dissolve the stones, and we will see if she needs surgery after that or if the medicine will take care of her problem. Please pray for our safety. We live about 45 miles from the volcano Popocatépetl. For now, it isn’t throwing ash towards us. But just the news about it is keeping our people away from church. I believe some are staying with family away from Mexico City. This hurts our worship services as well as our offerings.


Fernando Marquez’s Salvation

Julio’s nephew, Fernando Marquez, is attending services with us. His father is a Pentecostal preacher, and Fernando fell into drug addiction years ago. He says he has stopped using drugs, and he is very happy attending our services. He said that he never heard the why of doctrines, with verses and explanations, seeing the same themes and position repeated in different texts of Scripture. He is seeing that now in our sermons. I talked with him this past Sunday, and he cried a lot. Please pray for him. He said he has confidence in Jesus a lot, but he didn’t say he had accepted Jesus into his heart. I prayed with him and urged him to accept Jesus into his heart. He has a lot of problems with his father, and it is affecting him. Pray that God would give me the words he needs to hear as I talk to him every Sunday. I continue to translate English books into Spanish for my people and post them on my websites.

WalvoordThe Person of the Holy Spirit.pdf twm topx, BoundsEssentials of Prayer, and Lewis Sperry ChaferHe that is Spiritual.pdf twm topx, among others.

  • Walvoord La Persona del Espíritu Santo pdf, twm, topx
  • Bounds Los Elementos Esecenciales de la Oración pdf, twm, topx
  • Chafer El que es Espiritual pdf, twm, topx

Please pray for us and the work of the Lord here.

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May 2023 Cox Prayer Update

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