Our Present Work

Our Present Work:
Fundamental Baptist Church of Tlahuac

Note: Tlahuac is the place where the church is located.

As you can see, our works have been torn apart by having to return to the states to raise more support. While on deputation in the states, I found many churches were more loyal to Bob Jones University than to the Lord, and anybody that was with BJU and left, was basically looked upon as being taboo. We have stayed on the field sacrificing everywhere we can since 2002, now 10 years, and we continue to have some of our supporting churches close their doors, or cut off all their missionaries, or reduce what they give their missionaries.

In all the stress of contending with GFAM and leaving to have most of my support dropped (at one point we got to about $500/month in 2000), I got diabetes from the stress of it all I believe. My medicines are now becoming a concern because they are getting more and more expensive each year, and we are facing the decision of not taking medicine, or having the financial strain of it. Also my kids are now looking at college, and we have no retirement to speak of (our retirement right now would last less than 1 year) and no college fund for either of the kids. Because of this pressures, we need to raise a goodly amount of support to undertake these additional expenses.

Our church in Tlahuac began in a friend’s house in the area, and moved into our house when we finally found a place here in 2002. At present we are in a small strip mall, in two large “warehouse rooms” actually underground. They are about 45-50 feet long each, and 15 feet wide. We have about 35-40 people that faithfully come, and some Sundays we can run up to around 60 people.

I have tried to teach our people basic doctrines as well as get them involved in soulwinning, discipleship, and preaching and teaching. At present as we prepare to return to the states, we have 7 men who will share the preaching and teaching burden when I leave. About 3 are retired from secular business, and 4 are younger men, working jobs. One of these is very capable of in-depth Bible study, but he lives on the other side of the city (2 hours each way). They will undertake the care of our people while I am gone.

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  1. Thank you for your website and accidently stumbled onto it … I have lived in China now closing in on 20 years. I work in an international school and support myself thus wise. I am rather new to this idea of developing a website such as yours and it looks very good. I will keep you in my prayers. I come from a Canadian Presbyterian background …. I also saw a cool site started by http://www.irisglobal.com … they are from a charismatic background I believe, but also have a cool website too… I am so happy to see your persistence in outreach as that is the main thing in our contexts …
    God Bless,
    Michael and Family, Beijing, China [email protected]

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