Our Prayer Requests

Hi all. This page is a prayer request list page for the ministry of David Cox and our ministry. I am going to be putting some regular outstanding prayer requests on this page so you can look them over and pray for them. Thanks.
Last Updated: February 2017

  1. Our support and financial situation. We continue to have financial problems as some of our supporting churches have to stop giving to our ministry. Pray that we can get good meetings and new support from that. Also please pray about our March 3 through April trip to California, as we don’t have funds to go yet, and the time  is upon us. Please keep us in your prayers, and anything extra you can send our way would be greatly appreciated. Visit our “how to donate” page to see how to get money to us.
  2. We need to replace our vehicle.
  3. We need to find a cheaper 2 bedroom apartment for Kelsie and Russ by August when we return to the field.

4 thoughts on “Our Prayer Requests”

  1. Hello Pastor,
    Wanted to let you know that I’m keeping you and your family in prayer. I’m from Faith Baptist, Muskegon; I was looking to see if you have went back to Mexico yet? This was depending on your ‘wife getting her green card redone. I still praise the Lord that you do this it’s a testimony. Most Mexican people are doing the opposite with no green card and want everything they can get.
    By the way my new e-mail address is the one I’m sending you with this comment, in case you still have [email protected].
    In Christ our Lord,

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for writing. Yes we are back in Mexico, and my wife has her green card. We have it in case we need to travel to the US for something. She had a tourist visa, but that is only valid for 6 months out of each year, so we wanted to have something that if I was sick or something and we came back to the US, we wouldn’t have to worry about her visa situation. Most Mexicans want green cards to work in the US, but Tule hasn’t ever worked in the US. We haven’t gotten that far so far. Anyway, thanks for writing.

  2. Hi Pastor,

    Didn’t know where to post the question so i posted it here.

    I need your advice. I have an aunt who is catholic and is giving a baby shower for her daughter. She wants me to attend but i feel uncomfortable because i feel if i go i’ll be giving my approval of h ow her daughter got pregnant, out of wedlock. My aunt knows i’m christian and she has been evangelized but she refuses to convert. Would my assiting this event give the wrong message and affect my testimony?

    Thank you for your guidance and God bless you.

    • Hi Mary, I really cannot answer that question for you. You need to pray before the Lord to guide you. Personally, I can tell you what I would do, and what I have counseled others here in Mexico. First of all, your attending the baby shower probably will not be seen as an endorsement of her sinful life. Your attendence and participation is more a show of your love for her as a person, as a family member. I think while you maintain a strong testimony in your personal life and witnessing to her, that this would not detract from those. It would probably go a long way towards winning her to the Lord.

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