Islamic Radical Terrorism


Islamic Radical Terrorism

Islamic Radical Terrorism
By David Cox

Islamic Radical TerrorismI have dealt with this and Obama before, but I just wanted to make a point, and I feel that it is valid for a complete post all on its own.

Obama doesn’t want to associate the terrorism we are seeing by certain muslims today with “Islamic Radical Terrorism”. Is that valid? Let’s examine that. Is his premise valid? No it is not.

What we are seeing is Islamic Radical Terrorism, and we should call it for what it is.

They are at war with us, but we don’t seem to be at war with them. Obama and the Democratics have ham-strung the US forces (both the military as well as the CIA and FBI) into not doing anything detrimental against Islam, and he has made sure the Muslims have the upper hand. Undoubtedly he is passing US intelligence over to them. He says he knows the leaders well, but we never see who these Muslim leaders are so that we can tell whether they are moderates or extremists.

Obama should be fully investigated for his relationship with Islam, and he should be prosecuted for what he has done to America.

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