Churches falling into Satan’s mindset

Churches falling into Satan’s mindset is some thoughts on how we do ministry. It is part of a work which I am working on for publishing in an ebook format. It is taken from “Satan Anthology Workbook” by David Cox. It is a commentary on Isa 14, a passage about Satan and his methodology and thinking…

I will make myself like the Most High. (Isa 14:14)

Satan expresses his purpose to overtake God. Notice the problems in Satan’s logic. If he is the greatest there is, then you do not measure that greatness by another’s greatness. You would simply say, “I am Lucifer, and I will be Lucifer.” To concede that somebody else is greater than you is to surrender your assertion of being the greatest.

Irony in Satan’s thinking

Note the irony here of what Satan says. Satan’s sin centers on his intense desire to be just like God. The key word here is “like”. He cannot become God, so at best he will be “like” God. This is a concession that he recognizes that he is not eternal, that

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Why God hates Calvinism


Why God hates Calvinism is a brief overview of some of the grave problems of Calvinism.

To some people, just the title of this article would be blasphemous. God is against Calvinism. Let me expand on the why of this statement.

God wants man to move morally

From what we see and understand in Scripture, God wants man to move morally. By “moving morally” I mean God wants man to repent of his sins (moral activity), and have faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior (moral action). This moral action IS THE WILL OF GOD. In parlance of Calvinists, this is the perfect will of God, not the permissive will of God. Calvinism, in itself, admits that man believing God is good and is what God wants. The Calvinist will attribute this to his concept of irresistible grace acting on the individual, but even so, it is a good thing. This article is dual posted here and at

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My wife’s Naturalization situation

My wife's Naturalization situation

My wife’s Naturalization situation still needs your prayers. It still hasn’t ended.

Update: As of January 2023, Tule (my wife) has her American citizenship. We went up to Orlando in January and finished the process. As of now (February 2023) we only need to go to the American embassy here in Mexico City and get her password. I do not foresee any more trips to the States for matters of her citizenship. We wanted to take care of this as the Social Security years are fast approaching us and we need to have everything we can in order so she can get her Social Security.

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ACA and Samaritan Health Insurance

ACA and Samaritan Health Insurance

ACA and Samaritan Health Insurance is a supporter note about some things happening and how it affects us and our insurer, Samaritan Ministries. Samaritan Ministries is a Christian health insurance that has monthly donations where you directly pay another member of the group, and once a year you send your share that month to the main office for their expenses. I highly recommend it. You have to sign a doctrinal statement to get in, and promise you are not using drugs or alcohol. Excellent!

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