The Art of Persuasion

Universal principles of influence.

1. Reciprocity – People return a service to them with a commitment.  Restaurants use this in giving a mint which increases tips to the waiter. Studies show not just giving a mint (2 cuadruples the tip), but how it is given. The waiter makes it seem special for that customer, then the tip goes up 23%. The special “touches” one extends to others he is seeking commitment from goes a long way.

Rule: Be the first to give, and be personalized and unexpected.

2. Scarcity – People want more of those things that they have less of. Scarce resources are more desired by people. This translates into going beyond telling people about the benefits they will gain by using your products and services, and tell them why you are unique.

3. Authority

4. Consistency

5. Liking

6. Consensus