The Art of Persuasion

The Art of Persuasion Universal principles of influence. The author gives 6 tips to get people to be persuaded by your request.

1. Reciprocity – People return a service to them with a commitment.  Restaurants use this in giving a mint, which increases tips to the waiter. Studies show not just giving a mint (2 mints quadruples the tip), but how it is given. The waiter makes it seem special for that customer, then the tip goes up 23%. The special “touches” one extends to others he is seeking commitment from goes a long way.

So people who do things to/for others will get the same from the people they do these things for. So the biblical principle of being an example of Christ will result in people SEEING CHRIST IN YOU and wanting him in their lives.

Rule: Be the first to give, and be personalized and unexpected.

It is not just the quantity, but the way that you give the extra.

2. Scarcity – People want more of those things that they have less of. Scarce resources are more desired by people. This translates into going beyond telling people about the benefits they will gain by using your products and services, and tell them why you are unique.

When people perceive that something is scarce, they put a higher value on it, and they will want it more. What they lose if they pass up your offer.

3. Authority – It is important to sign to others that you have experience, knowledge, wisdom, and all of this combines into authority, and you need to do this BEFORE you try to persuade people.

There is no substitute for the person trying to convince others to have experience or be an expert in some form. That gives confidence to the person hearing this offer and to confide in the offer.

4. Consistency – People like to consistency with their lives. If people can commit to something smaller, less invasive, then later on, they are more likely to make a larger commitment to something.

Voluntary, active, and public commitment are keys to getting people to make a fuller commitment later on. If you can get an unsaved person to admit that not everything in their lives is going well, then they may be more open to accepting Christ to change these problems.

5. Liking – People tend to accept offers more often when they are similar to us, when they pay us compliments, and when they cooperate with us. To be friendly is extremely important to begin persuading any person. You need to relate to them on a personal level before speaking of any offer. Find out how they are doing, and be a person talking to a person before business.

Look for genuine compliments to give before beginning.

6. Consensus – You can point to what others are already doing (consensus) to get people to move to accept something. The key I see here is that these “newbies” see veteran Christians with successful (in a spiritual sense) lives, and if they see a number of these people, they will be more trusting and receiving, accepting an offer (like salvation or living a holy life).