Welcome to David Cox’s Ministry

Tule and David Cox are independent, Baptist Fundamentalist missionaries to Mexico City Mexico. We have been here laboring in Mexico since 1986.

First, who am I? I am an independent Baptist missionary serving in Mexico City since 1986. I graduated from Bob Jones University in 1979 with a B.A. in Christian Missions, in 1981 with a M.A. in Bible, and in 1982 with a M.S. in Administration and Supervision of Schools. I am independent (no affiliation or association with any denomination, fellowship, nor group).

I am separated in that I believe in separating from those claiming to be Christians but who fellowship and particate with false prophets, bad doctrine, ungodly conduct, etc. I am Fundamental in that I believe in the Fundamentals of the Faith, and I put serious effort in defending and promoting them.

New Video Presentation of our ministry! See Below

I invite you to view my site which explains our ministry, pray for us, and if God so leads, to donate financially to help us maintain ourselves economically.

Deputation Schedule

We are currently on a 2 year deputation in Orlando Florida from 2015 through August of 2016. If you would like to have us come visit your church please contact me. I make trips all the way up into Michigan and Wisconsin. I prefer meetings in the south though.

If your church wants us to present our work for you, please write to me and I will try to make arrangements in a future date (within two years) if not within the next few months. So if your church is interested in having us present our ministry in your church, please email me at [email protected].

At the present (April 11, 2020), we are not planning on returning to the states for a whole year in the near future.

Note: We are planning on returning to Florida in the summer of 2020 if the Lord wills, and there is a possibility we can visit your church. Please write to me about this. This is subject to what happens with Coronavirus.