Being Sensible about Coronavirus, Smoking and pollution angle

Being Sensible about Coronavirus, Smoking, and pollution angle

See Breitbart news article… (this provided seed thoughts for my thoughts here)

China is a hotbed for Disease Creation

China has 50% of its population that are smokers and the country consumes more cigarettes per capita than any nation on earth. Heavy smoking destroys your lungs with bad signs until too late in the game.  When any kind of lung problem happens (think influenza), these kinds of people go down with pneumonia quickly and many die.

Secondly, China has extreme pollution problems. That means even non-smokers would seem to be heavy smokers without ever touching a cigarette. Their government has no transparency and it handles that by ignoring it. So what is happening in the world?

Why new influenzas are coming from China

The truth of the matter is that China is a hotbed for developing new strains of diseases.  Why does “our flu” for this year was what was breaking forth last year in China? Their country is an incubation chamber for new diseases.

I am no doctor nor researcher, but I believe (my personal opinion) that China’s government and people are receiving the curse of God on them. First of all, they refuse to believe in God. Secondly, they refuse to let people who are religious to simply worship and evangelize others if those others would believe or not. Within the lifestyle of amoral living without God, there are curses that come down on such behavior. Smoking is one of these curses. Being irresponsible as to pollution is another.

Over time, this creates a people and a place that are ripe for disease. What we are seeing then is very simply the “evolution” (can I use that term as a Christian?) of sin and its consequences.


God is judging

We start in the garden with Adam and Eve. What is the basic principle we understand there? When one person sins, the consequences can be far-reaching.

First and most importantly, China has changed recently. China has decided that religion, really ANY religion, is a threat to its communism. They have ruled out religions, and treat people with religious beliefs as threats to their precious Communism.

The Chinese primer minister has said that people should not have religions, and they should worship Communism instead. When you declare war on God, be ready for things getting rough!

The essence of the situation is that China has declared war on God, on the concept of God, on religious beliefs of all sorts, and on God’s people. The last part of 2019 and this year has shown a growing strong effort by the Chinese government to eradicate all religions from their people. In its place is the simple solution, worship your Communist dictators!

There are reports that China has practiced the extraction of organs from living prisoners to give to others. They regularly place Muslims in internment camps where they are trained to reject the ideas of religion and God of any type. Only by “learning” this principle can they ever get out of those camps. People who are stubborn regularly “disappear”. Christians in China are regularly persecuted.

God is still on the throne, and God stills fights for his children

The truth of the matter is very simple. This Wuhan virus is a blight from God, judging these people. We see God judging people who live immorally (with morals against God’s morality) or even amorally (without any morals).  The flood came in Noah’s day because of this very same thing. God judges people who wage moral war against God. In the end times, this war will come to a head, but before then, there will be many battles.