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Along the way of ministering in Mexico City, I sought out Bible software to use in my own studies and preparations. After going through various Bible programs, I am now using a free Bible program called theWord. I was able to get it translated into Spanish for our men, and I am constantly adding both English and Spanish modules (books) to those websites for free download. Because of the extremely austere income level I have had since being a missionary, I have not been able to build up a good religious reference library like I was taught as a ministry goal. But I did find works on the Internet, and as I accumulated them in various formats, I built up quite a library. When theWord came along, I began moving everything into that format and posting it on my website. Today we have over 1900 free English books available on the Website, a large number of classic reference works by well-known authors, of all genres, commentaries, devotional classics, Greek-Hebrew Bibles and reference works, many Bible versions, Bible dictionaries, and a tremendously large selection of religious reference books.

While we have approaching 2000 books in English, the Spanish website only has about 300, because the books are just not there in public domain. I began writing back in the 1990s, and printing my own books for our congregation. As such I have been about to add to our Spanish library about 60 shorter books (30 to 200 pages) that I have authored. I continue to build up my English library and use that to get information for my books. ALL OF MY BOOKS ARE FREE AT THIS POINT. One day I may have to charge for them, but at present, people around the world can download the books and print them on their printers. We have had to charge for shipping if they want paper copies.

Many of the emails are from pastors who “are not computer literate” and don’t know how to print our literature, and ask us for physical books. We send these out to these brethren as our finances permit, usually asking for them to pay for the shipping, and between my church on the field, Adolfo Ríos, one of our deacons, and myself, we pay for the paper and printing (on an ink jet printer). We do this for our Spanish books which I have personally authored. (English) (Spanish)

To promote this free Bible program, I began two more websites which are tutorial websites (English and Spanish) which gives step by step classes of how to use these programs. The Spanish one is my main concern to teach our men how to use the program. (English) (Spanish)

Because people have asked me, I also have reformatted these books for another free Bible program, e-Sword, and also MySword, which is a free Bible app for the Android phone and devices. I have utility applications that allow me to quickly convert a module into other formats. (English) (English)

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