Legal opium farming in Mexico being debated

Legal opium farming in Mexico being debated

Opium Farming
From Mexico News Daily

Legal opium farming now part of debate

The gist of this article is that the cause or reason why it should be accepted is because poor farmers need this in order to sustain themselves. Does nobody think any more? Raise some other crop? Go to the US as an illegal alien?

Opium Farming

Under the manta “for medical purposes” we are allowing any kind of drug use? Really? It would seem as though there is no legitimate medical purpose for these drugs. While everything is being debated as “yes there is”, there are other drugs, legal drugs, administered by doctors to do the same thing. Since when does taking the administration of such strong drugs out from under a doctor’s care become a good thing?

By the way, Mexico has already legalized personal use of many drugs like marijuana and cocaine. As long as the amount is small, police will not arrest the person who has it.

It will not be long before Mexico allows all drug use, and the drug lords will change their profile from criminals to being the CEO of a major pharmacetical company, like Bayer. Once that happens, once drugs are legalized, it will push its way into the US. First there will be a US lag, and in this lag, there will now be narco-tourism, where American crackheads will go to Mexico for the weekend to get high. Then it will come home in the US.

Despite what you read in the papers, Mexico is not doing all it can to fight drugs (nor is the US). The simple arresting people with small quantities of drugs, hasseling their daily lives even for a short period of time, and monetary fines would put a slow down on some of this. But what can be done is not being done, and unfortunately, drugs are infiltrating both our justice system and police and military forces as “personal use” grows among these people that protect us.

My Position

Please note, as a Christian, as a Pastor, and as a thinking man who examines life carefully, I AM FULLY AGAINST ANY LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA OR OPIUM OR ANY DRUG LIKE THESE IN ANY FORM. Just so you know. These drugs destroy people’s lives, and in general they cause great negative effects on society. Christians need to fight drug use at every level that we can. We need to outlaw it, and unfortunately in our day, making laws do not solve problems. The government, from local police to the President of the United States simply ignore and refuse to enforce these laws of the land, and this also is a grave problem destroying our society, dead laws because officials refuse to accept them as the law they have to enforce.

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