Ending your presentation on time

Missions Mentoring: Ending your Presentation on Time

This short under 2 minute talk is about missionaries ending their presentations on time. While what this fellow says is true, it can give the wrong idea. Just because you end on time doesn’t mean that the church will give you support. The opposite may be truer though. If you go over your allowed time, your chances greatly decrease with the more time you go over. Ask the pastor, and try to stay within that time limit. I would also point out that you need to clarify what time you are to stop speaking, and what time the service is over. Many pastors stop before 12 AM and have an invitation and closing hymn, so you only have until like 11:50. Good ole U.S.A., getting at the beginning of the feed-line at the restaurant after Sunday morning church is more important than getting anything spiritual from the message. Yep! That’s about it!