Mass abduction reveals decaying Mexican State

This is a follow up to the recent news in Mexico. In brief, the mayor of the town Iguala and his wife are linked to organized crime. They are raking in a lot of money from corruption, although they just entered their office two years ago. They were going to have a celebration of a new large shopping mall that they personally financed completely out of their own pocket, and a teacher movement (students preparing for being teachers) wanted to demonstrate at this event in protest of things these two were doing. The mayor and his wife got wind of it, and they sent people from their mafia connections to abduct them, take them to a city dump and kill them. They didn’t use enough bullets. So they were ordered to pour diesel on the bodies and burn them for several days until there were no more remains. When they started, some of those still alive tried to get out of the fire, and they were pushed back in, and left to burn alive.

Two of those involved were captured, and independent one of the other gave the exact same story. The ashes were examined (sent to Sweden for DNA analysis), and it appears it was the ashes of those students, or somebody at least. While looking for these missing students, 3 clandestine graves with dozens of bodies were found, and dug up. They were not the students, but what is going on?