43 kidnapped students could overturn Mexico

43 students studying to be teachers were kidnapped. They had planned to go march against the mayor and his wife at the opening of a super-mall that they were opening. The mayor and his wife were connected with the local drug lords, and they sent a message to them to make these students “go away”. So they kidnapped them, and according to the confession of two of them who had part in their deaths, they were put into the back of a cattle truck, hauled off to a far away city with a dump several miles outside the city limits, and there shot to death, and then dosed with diesel and set on fire. Some were still alive and tried to crawl out of the fire, and those tending the fires pushed them back in, and dosed more diesel on them. As word has gotten out about this, the reactions have been extreme. Many of the parents don’t want to accept it. They burned the fires for 2 days straight, and only pieces of bone and teeth are left. These were sent to labs in Switzerland for analysis. The parents don’t want to accept it. The government continues to act with impunity.

Part of the problem is that in the middle of this, the President of Mexico Peña Nieto, was traveling around the world. He went to China, and on coming back, announced an intercity bullet train for Mexico and the Chinese construction group Higa got the concession. Around 1.5 billion dollars. But at the same time, Higa gave Peña Nieto a 7 million dollar mansion as a kickback. So Mexicans are up in arms about this. The death or disappearance of these student didn’t even concern the President but only lining his own pocket with more money.

News broke about the Presidents mansion, and their PR says that it was a gift to his wife from the local TV empire, Televisa. She was an actor for a good many years there. But the declarations don’t match up. She didn’t appear as owner until 2013, and she declared that they gave it to her and she was the owner since 2012 (before they entered the presidency). For the years 2000-2013, she had no property in her name until late 2013 when they registered it in her name. She was living there since 2011.

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43 students could bring down the president of Mexico