Good free books for Bible Study

Good free books for Bible Study is an explanation of how I got involved in Christian books after college, my problems and needs for a Christian reference library for my ministry, and how God not only supplied my needs with free books, but also made it such that I can freely offer these books to hundreds and thousands of other Christians.


How and Why I got involved in Christian Books

Part of my personal situation over the years has been problems with financial support. We have just never had that much, and always had much less than other missionaries we know.

But none-the-less, we have not been neglected by the Lord, and I simply cannot complain when God gives me in abundance, and I have an overweight problem. God is good to us in many ways, and always. Many people in Mexico don’t have to eat every day.

The need for reference books for the Ministry

One of the “blessings” of not having so much income has been the “problem” of good religious reference books. In seminary they tell you that you should be investing from $100-$200/month in your ministerial library. Well that was back in 1980-81, and today they are probably saying $400-$500/month. I just didn’t have it, and when the Internet came along, I started searching on it for free books.

TheWord Free Bible Software program

Today I have probably 10,000 Christian books on my hard disk, and I am slowing making them available to other people via my websites and the free Bible software program, TheWord (

I offer my Religious Library free to everbody

I have started a website, for English books, and for Spanish books. Please visit these websites and download all the good Christian books you want. About 98% are free, and the other 2% are copyrighted books that the program’s software programmer has negotiated rights for. He has this 2% on his website, but I have write-ups and links to where you can pay and download these books. Most of the for pay books are Greek-Hebrew books, and some modern Bible versions like the NIV if you are interested in that. I prefer the King James Bible myself. But Lewis Sperry Chafer’s massive 10 volume Systematic Theology is available for purchase as a premium module (again only 2% of these modules cost anything, but those that do are worth a look). I also have as free downloads other of Chafer’s books, Dispensationalism, Ephesians Doctrinally Considered, Grace, He that is Spiritual, Major Bible Themes, Satan, The Kingdom in History and Prophecy, and True Evangelism, Winning Souls by Prayer.

This has been a blessing for me, because I have solved my need for good Christian reference books, but in doing so, God has also given me a great ministry in helping others in the same situation to have good books at their fingertips.

At present I have about 700 free books on my site for free download. I am working through the thousands I have accumulated, and some are just not very good, others are under copyright, but the vast bulk of them are good books that I can put up for others to use.

Poor third-world preachers using the Free Bible Library

I received an email from a pastor in South Africa (they speak English there) a few years back saying how much he appreciated my website because their preacher boys are very poor. Today most countries have Internet cafes where for a few cents per hour you can use one of their computers and the Internet if you want. In most countries the schools are heavily using the computer for homework and classwork.

As such, he said he can give his students a USB Memory stick, upload the program to that drive, plug it into any computer, and they have an entire seminary library at their fingertips. “What a blessing!” he said. Today we continue to work on more and more books. On a really good week, I can upload around 50 books to the site. This new site has only been up since January of this year. I am transfering all my books from my old site (probably around 400 books) to this one, and adding new books at the same time. So far I am about half way through the old site.

Recognition of what I am doing

It has been surprising to me, but to get listed in Google search is difficult. I have read that in a good small niche market, you can expect to wait 1 year AFTER YOU HAVE A GOOD SITE UP to get on the first 10 pages.

My posts on my website get usually on the first or second page of results within 15 minutes of being posted. Although you would think this is a niche market (this particular Bible program) if you just search for the title of the book, there are hundreds of thousands of sites and pages in Christian bookstore websites with that same book, and I am usually first or second result, and usually always on the first page.

Apparently Google sees this website as an excellent value for people. Please visit the website and recommend it to all your Christian friends and all the people in the ministry you know of as well as pastors and missionaries. If you know of missionaries in Spanish speaking works, please recommend the spanish version of my website,

We are here to serve our Lord, not make money, and this part of our ministry has been a great blessing.

More Good Books

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    Beloved please kindly send us some books for us in training our students for effectiveness in God service.
    Aaron Emmanuel

    • All of these books are free except for a very few “premium modules.” The way these books are being distributed is via the Free Bible Program TheWord. First you will need to and download the free program. Note that this will normally install into a computer in its hard drive. The program is MS-DOS Windows, and will run on very old and outdated computers without any problems at all. I have it running on an old Toshiba laptop with 16MB of Memory (that is Megabytes not gigabytes) and it ran fine. But please note that if you want it for your students, a $10 USB Memory drive would be the best way to go. Instead of installing it on your computer (that is fine too), but install it on the USB Memory drive and install all the books to the memory drive and let them take it with them wherever they go. With the USB installation of theWord, you plug the USB drive into any computer (like an Internet Cafe which has computers for rent for an hour), and they can have a complete seminary library on that USB stick and take it with them wherever they want. In other words you can run TheWord off of a memory stick.

      Once you install the program, download the megapacks from (my site) and install each megapack. There are around 130-150 books in each megapack, and we started in February so we have about 600 books/modules so far. From the TheWord official website, there are more modules to download. Once you have them all installed, you can read them, search them for a keyword (like “Trinity”) or use them in combination. There are probably 2 dozen English Bibles available, around 40 some commentaries, around 50 Bible dictionaries, and the rest of the 600+ modules are books. I have probably around 50 systematic theology books. If you so desire, you can selectively pick the ones you want and just give them those. I have a little bit of everything, and not everything is appropriate for new believers or young Christians. You must filter whatever you read, and that is never more true than in browsing a theological library. Visit regularly. I put up around 5-6 books per day, Monday through Saturday. If you have questions, write me again.

  2. I recently found out your website in the Internet and I would like to request any available Christian literature/materials from your ministry that I can use in teaching and preaching the Word of God in our local church. I’d like to inform you that I’m an elder and a church worker at In Christ Grace Community Church. If you could grant my request, here’s my complete mailing address:


    • Hi brother, You may download and use (print, preach from etc.) any of the literature or information on my websites. I am not in a position to send you anything via mail. I do not know if you speak Spanish or Tagalog or English where you are, but I only have literature in Spanish at this point, and if you can use it in Spanish, we may be able to send a little bit of samples. All of my literature is set up to be downloaded and printed by you and then photocopied the amount you need. We can print it relatively cheap here in Mexico, but the sending of the material to other countries doubles or triples our cost, so it would be better for you to download a little at a time and print it yourself. The literature is for that purpose so go ahead with it. May God bless you!

  3. Good day,
    I would like to have a copy of your free books, I know that I can use these material in my ministry as youth pastor in our local church. here is my complete mailing address.
    #6-D 23rd St.
    West Bajac Bajac
    Olongapo City
    thanks you and God Bless.

  4. I request you to send me some free books which can help me bring my family members and friends closer to God and also help me to know more about our Lord. I WOULD BE HIGHLY ELATED IF I could have one of the English Bible with concordance and other scriptural learning materials which will help me understand the ways of God clearly.
    I am really thankful to you. I pray to The Almighty for the spreading the Gospel through your ministry. God Bless the good work. Thank you. My Postal Address is below:


  5. Pastor greets brothers, Jaime Heredia frias, we would receive, literature and Bibles in Spanish, send a, 112 ignacio san martin escudero sullana peru

    • Hola hermano, tenemos una iglesia pequeña, y no hay fondos para esto. Lo siento. Se puede descargar del Internet (de nuestras páginas) y imprimir allá. Pastor David Cox

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