No Muslims Allowed

No Muslims Allowed

No Muslims Allowed
By David Cox

No Muslims AllowedI recently read this post on WND…

Media Silent on Surge in Islam-Inspired Knife Attacks

This article basically explains what is happening in America. But the article makes some interesting observations. The basic point of it is that Obama is hiding and downplaying all negative things against Islam which is a growing and worsening problem.

What’s going on here?

“Since the common links in most if not all these cases are Muslim or Islamophile perpetrators, bladed weapons and attacks on the neck area, I would submit that the driving force is the Islamic rubric to behead unbelievers – spelled out specifically in the Quran,” Furnish said.

He cited Sura al-Anfal [VIII]:12 and Sura Muhammad [XLVII]:4.

Furnish elaborated on these scriptures in the article, “Beheading in the Name of Islam,” published in Middle East Quarterly.

Quran 47:3 is the key scripture but there are others. (

The Truth About Islam

The truth about Islam is that IT IS A RELIGION THAT IS VIOLENT, essentially towards all non-muslims that refuse to convert to Islam. That being said, let’s not forget that the Middle East (where most muslims live) is a violent place in and of itself, so this violence in their society is common, muslim on muslim violence. In the way things play out, Egypt has been an ally of the US in anti-Islamic terrorism. Why? Because they recognize the destruction of their own government and system if they give way to these radicals. This is even with them being muslims themselves. So the truth of the matter is that those of the Muslim (some but not all) are just violence prone people, and they are very clearly hell bent on being violent towards their own, or towards others outside of Islam. They use violence to get what they want.

What should be US Foreign Policy?

When we begin to think soundly and rationally about US Foreign policy and what it should be, we need to start with a pro-America foundation. We should not be anti-American as Obama has proved to be. We want a foreign policy that is the best for the US, not the worse, i.e. let all the immigrants come within without checks that we can from countries that are sending terrorists into the US to destroy the US. That point should be a no-brainer, but Obama has missed it and gotten it wrong constantly throughout his career.

Entrance into the US is a privilege

So first of all, entrance into the US is a privilege, not a God given right. A corrollary to that is that remaining a citizen demands loyalty to the US or citizenship and even freedoms can be restricted or taken away from those who fail to be loyal to the US. This is implicit in the way our society works, but should be emphasized to our citizenry and especially to new comers. Break our laws, and you will go to jail (have your rights restricted). Show signs of disrespect and disloyalty to America, and if you are a first or second or third generation immigrant, you could have you citizenship revoked and be deported. Where you go is not our problem at that point. Your assets may also be confiscaded and you will have no recourse.

In this scenerio, we need to understand that US citizenship, including all your rights and liberties, are “on the table” as well as all your personal assets if you plot against the United States of America.

It shouldn’t necessary to state the above because that is already the case (and has been for much time). Terrorists lose everything, and Gitmo is a fitting ending for them. No rights, no assets, no nothing but hardness. I would import a bunch of large granite rocks into Gitmo and supply them with sledge hammers and let them split rocks all day.

US Policy should be gauged by History

We need to understand that being “nice” to Saudi Arabi because we want their oil is not what should make policy. What should decide policy is the facts of the US immigration situation, and the history of a particular country towards the US and world.

First of all, the US immigration situation. The US should only allow enough foreigners (from all countries) as can be easily absorbed into the US culture. When too many foreigners are coming into the US, US jobs go scarce, and that doesn’t do anybody any good. Both those that are US citizens for generations as well as new immigrants have a hard time of it.

Remember, we are dealing with the US government which regularly and with great heavy-handiness limit the number of doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. in our society by many different forms, basically making a law of iron that these professions are lightly populated so that their wages remain high. Why does the US government take the opposite tact when it comes to general workers in the form of new immigrants?

There should be a relationship of jobs available, unemployed and underemployed, with the number of new immigrants allowed each year. This should also be compared and adjusted by the number of Americans and immigrants leaving the US every year. This is the key to making a sound immigration policy that works and benefits the US.

Brasero Program

In WWII the US created a program called the brazero program with Mexico. The US needed workmen in the factories because our men were going off to war. This program allowed Mexicans to enter and work for 6 months, and then they had to return to Mexico for 6 months (and they had to register monthly or something like that in order to come back into the US). That precluded them just moving to another place in the US and becoming anonymous as so many immigrants do today.

What was good about this program is that they were all legal while in the US, they were paid well, and most of all, they had to pay taxes and supposedly got Social Security benefits from what they paid in to the system. In other words, they were benefitted even though they were not permanent residents, and the US dealt with immigrants in an intelligent way.

This is the kind of thing that needs to be done in our present dilemma. Tracking of immigrants, and making it impossible for them to hide within our society. The terrorists are using the typical illegal immigrant constructs (border crossing and anonymous lifestyle) to exist and reside in the US until they do their evil work.

An additional element of requiring proof of citizenship for opening or holding a bank account, driver’s license, job of any kind, and various other big ticket items would help make life in the US difficult without being legal. Discretionary traffic stops to check for citizenship across the US at changing points would be very helpful.

Muslims are violent people

There are two dynamics that need to be strongly worked in dealing with Muslims. First, the wrong kind of Muslim needs to be kept out or deported if found. By this, any kind of violent talk like in the Muslim groups needs to be found out and these people ejected from the country. Black Panthers, Muslim Brotherhood, and other such groups that espouse violence against America needs to be attacked at a federal level and eliminated.

Among the Muslim population in the US (whether native born Americans or foreign immigrants) people espousing violence against the US need to end up with being ejected from the country or being sent to Gitmo. This is not stressed enough. There needs to be fear of being found out and being ejected or worse encarcelated. For those instrumental in some kind of terrorism (where people die or get hurt), they should also fear being executed. Their surrounding family members also need to be examined and deported if they probably knew of these terrorist’s mindset and said nothing. Protection, relocation and help should be given to Muslims in the US that report suspected terrorists.

But the basic premise is that Muslims (from any country) have a bent toward violence that the Quran endorses and commands, and they therefore should be dealt with differently than other groups. Since the United States is more a Christian nation, more immigrants should be allowed from Christian countries than non-Christian countries. Likewise, immigrants that are professing Christians should be given preference over non-Christian faiths, although some from these faiths should also be allowed in.

Tit for Tat

On a larger level, we need deal with “Iran” (for example) equally as they deal with us. In other words, if there are terrorists coming out of Syria, Iran, and Iraq into the US, then these nations should be specially stigmatized in our immigration policies. By this I mean that there should have been a moratorium on immigrants of any kind from Saudi Arabi after 9/11. Why? Because most of the terrorists held Saudi passports. They were from Saudi Arabi. Immediately the state department should have barred all incoming people at all ports of entry who had a Saudi passport. I would include the Saudi diplomats and rich people (i.e. oil barons from over there). Equally it should have been declared a place where US citizens cannot enter without problems. Cuba has been off limits for years to US citizens. This should be repeated for Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, etc.

When the oil shieks cannot come vacation in the US, then they will feel pressure for what their countrymen did. The US foreign policy on Immigration should be very clear to everybody, and it should be unilaterally understood and applied. Unless there is a lot of serious activity by that country’s government showing their aggression against terrorism, the entire population should suffer. Here we would exempt Israel for what the Gaza strip people do. Israel is very anti-terrorist. Equally England. Yes they have and house terrorists, but their government is so strongly anti-terrorist, that they fall into the same category as the US itself, we cannot stop everything that US people do. But where were the Saudi’s condemnation and aggressiveness against muslim terrorists? Even to date, we do not see them as being vocal and active, even aggressive against what is being done from their country. Egypt is a much better example of a government fighting strongly against terrorism, even though they are highly islamic.

It is extremely frustrating for me to fly, going through NSA searches and foolishness (no liquids over so many ounces). Let me think. Since all or most of the 9/11 attackers had Saudi passports, why not restrict them from flying instead of making the rest of the world pay for their failure to reign in their own people? You do not let the country, ethnic, and religious group that did the wrong get by with no or little uncomfortable things, and stress out the rest of the world who had no blame!

The US foreign policy on Immigrants should work to protect the US, not hurt it.