Tracts by David Cox

A very important focus of our church is the door to door evangelism we do every Saturday. I also do a lot of personal counseling when our people have problems, like marital-divorce counseling, counseling with parents and their children in these relationships, and also many of our people were Catholics, Mormons, or Jehovah’s Witnesses before coming with us. That has caused us to have a lot of need for counseling. As such, I have had to sit down with people and go through what the Bible teaches about a lot of areas. After doing this for years, I decided to start writing up small Bible studies on many of these topics, and eventually our tract ministry was born. For the most part, each of these tracts is a complete Bible Study in itself, with 12 to 20 verses explained  concerning the topic at hand. In a few, there are dozens more of reference verses for the reader to go through slowly if he so desires. These tracts are to the point, and very strong teaching, yet they are designed with the new believer in mind, explaining things very simply with Bible verses and explanation.

Today we have around 250 tract titles arranged by different topics: Calvinism (6 titles), Catholicism 14 different titles, Pastoral Counseling 34 titles, Doctrinal Issues (21 titles), Bible Student issues (9 titles), Creationism versus Evolution (6 titles), Family issues (33 titles), Church Issues (47 titles), Mormons (3 titles), Orthodoxy-Fundamentalism-Separation Issues (4 titles), Pentecostalism (19 titles), Salvation-Evangelism Issues (33 titles), Cults and False Religions (9 titles), Jehovah’s Witnesses (6 issues), Evangelism issues (8 titles), and Christian Finances (3 titles).

I have probably 200 more tract topics to develop into tracts when time permits. All of these tracts are basically a single Microsoft Word DOC (or Adobe Acrobat PDF), in which it consists of 2 pages, with 3 columns on each page, and people can download these tracts from my website, and print a tract on both sides of a single letter size sheet of paper and fold it on the two folds between the three columns, and make a nice presentation tract with a color image on the front.

These tracts have been a worldwide blessing to many hispanic people, and we get emails regularly of people printing our tracts and distributing them normally in metros in cities, and in bus stations in many different countries. Although most of the tracts are only in Spanish, I am slowly translating them into English, and you can view some of them in the second link below. (Spanish) (English)

Longer Listing of Tracts

Note: Those with links, link to the English version of the Tract. All others are available in Spanish only at


calv01 – Calvinism: What’s the Truth?
calv02 – Christ died for the entire world.
calv03 – Total Corruption or  Absolute Inability.
calv04 – How to become a Chosen One of God.
calv05 – Elect to Salvation or Perdition.
calv06 – God is not a Respector of Persons


[flagallery gid=5 name=”Catholicism”].

cat01 – Is the Pope the Vicar of Christ?
cat02 – Should we Worship Mary?
cat03 – Spiritualism.
cat04 – The Faith of our Fathers.
cat05 – Why we don’t use Images in Worship.
cat06 – Catholicism and its Traditions.
cat07 – Auricular Confession.
cat08 – Is your God Broke?
cat09 – Honoring your Ancestors.
cat10 – Is Mary the Mother of God.
cat11 – Mass or a Memorial?
cat12 – Carnival or just plain Carnal?
cat13 – Is the Pope the Antichrist?
cat14 – Infant Baptism.

Pastoral Counseling

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cp01 – Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?
cp02 – The Problems of Alcoholics Anonymous.
cp03 – Alcoholism and the Christian.
cp04 – Bartender: Serving Alcohol to others.
cp05 – Resisting Pornograhy.
cp06 – Suicide: Solution or Worse Result?
cp07 – Fasting: Fixing your Life.
cp08 – Self-Love.
cp09 – Homosexuality.
cp10 – Sexual Purity.
cp11 – “My Baby Died”.
cp12 – The Emos.
cp13 – Regression Therapy.
cp14 – Christian Principles for Music.
cp15 – Fighting against Depression.
cp16 – Why Christians shouldn’t use Drugs.
cp17 – Cussing and Filthy Language.
cp18 – Embittering the Life.
cp19 – Conquering Alcohol.
cp20 – Praying Men: Why we should pray?
cp21 – God only hears the Contrite.
cp23 – Forgiven as we Forgive.
cp24 – How to Get all your Prayers Answered.
cp25 – Should Christians Dance?
cp26 – Is it Correct to Judge?
cp27 – Sexual Confusion.
cp28 – Under the Tyranny of Time.
cp29 – Don’t be a Gossip.
cp30 – Discerning the Will of God.
cp31 – Should a Christian celebrate special days?
cp32 – For the Christian facing death.
cp33 – Addictions that Dominate the Life.

Creation against Evolution

evc01 – Darwinism: The Theories of Charles Darwin.
evc02 – Creation or Evolution?
evc03 – The Six Days of Creation.
evc05 – The Young Earth: There are no long periods.
evc06 – The Age of the Earth.

Doctrinal Tracts

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doct01 – The Fundamentals of the Faith.
doct02 – The Trinity: One God in Three Persons.
doct03 – Heaven and Hell Do Exist.
doct04 – Hell and Heaven.
doct05 – A True Hell.
doct06 – The Theology of Unitarianism.
doct07 – The Athanasian Creed.
doct08 – Chicago Declaration on Inspiration.
doct09 – God wants Communion with us.
doct10 – Theodicy: The Problem of the existence of Evil.
doct11 – Hades-Sheol, Paradise, and Tartarus.
doct12 – God Incarnate.
doct13 – What will Heaven be like?
doct14 – Annihiliation: Is there an end of Suffering in Hell?
doct15 – Christ died for all the World.
doct16 – Satan, our Enemy.
doct17 – Why Jesus Christ became Man.
doct18 – What is the Holy Spirit like?
doct19 – The Indwelling of the Spirit
doct20 – The Word of God Kidnapped!

For Bible Students

(Note: “eb” stands for “Bible Student”, o “Estudiante Bíblico” en Spanish)

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eb01 – Principles of Bible Interpretation.
eb02 – The Benefits of Bible Study.
eb03 – Interpreting Types.
eb04 – The Symbols of Jesus Christ.
eb05 – The Symbols of the Holy Spirit.
eb07 – How to Study the Bible.
eb08 – The Method of Studying the Bible.
eb09 – The Clarity of Scriptures (Perspecuity).

Family Life Tracts

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fam01 – Biblical Love.
fam02 – Seeking a Mate.
fam03 – Principles of a Biblical Marriage.
fam04 – Resolving Marital Problems without Divorce.
fam05 – Disciplining our Children.
fam06 – Training our Children.
fam07 – The Submission of the Woman.
fam08 – Abortion: Is it Permitted?
fam09 – Abortion: Abominable in the Sight of God.
fam10 – The Greedy that Robs
fam11 – Godly Mothers: Oh how we need them!
fam12 – Common Law Marriage, or Free to Go?
fam13 – Polygamy
fam14 – Father that Please God
fam15 – Always Late for the House of God
fam16 – Is it right for Christians to Celebrate Christmas?
fam17 – Female Submission and Head Coverings
fam18 – Is Divorce Permitted?
fam19 – Is Remarriage after Divorce Permitted?
fam20 – Mixed Marriages
fam21 – Child Kings.
fam22 – The Bubblegum that Keeps Marriage together.
fam23 – God wants Faithful Men.
fam24 – The Faith of Our Fathers.
fam25 – Don’t be a fornicator!
fam26 – Wise Counsel for Youth.
fam27 – The Dress of a Christian Woman.
fam28 – Teens and Sex
fam29 – The Prudent Woman
fam30 – How to be a “Man of God.”
fam31 – Pastor, I am going to get a Divorce
fam32 – How to make your Marriage Stable.
fam33 – What is a Good, Virtuous Woman?

Finances Tracts

Fin01 – The Danger of Riches.
Fin02 – Contentment.
Fin03 – Loaning and asking for Loans.

Church Tracts

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ig01 – Meditations for the Lord’s Supper #1
ig02 – Meditations for the Lord’s Supper #2
ig03 – Meditations for the Lord’s Supper #3
ig13 – Why we are independent.
ig14 – Finding a Good Church
ig15 – We Congregate because of Love
ig16 – The Example of the Man of God
ig17 – Why do we attend Church?
ig18 – Supporting your Pastor.
ig19 – The Marks of a False Prophet.
ig20 – Baptists: What does it mean to be “Baptist”?
ig21 – Will a Man Rob God? Tithing.
ig22 – Pastorless Flocks.
ig23 – Paying the Pastor.
ig24 – The Power of an Example.
ig25 – What day should we congregate?
ig26 – Don’t touch the Anointed of God.
ig27 –Biblical Tithing.
ig28 – The Difference between Goats and Sheep.
ig29 – The Marks of a Christian in 1John.
ig30 – The Minister of God is not to be Contentious.
ig31 – Three points of Modern Success.
ig32 – How to Pray for Missionaries.
ig33 – How to Conduct yourself in the House of God.
ig34- Brethren shouldn’t Fight.
ig35 – A Bad Pastor or Disobedient Sheep?
ig36 – Biblical Deacons.
ig37 – The Requirements of a Deacon.
ig38 – Recognizing a Good Pastor.
ig39 – What we are to Preach?
ig40 – Christians without Love.
ig41 – Marks of a Bad Minister.
ig42 – Destitution of a Pastor.
ig43 – When and How to Leave a Church.
ig44 – Why we do not Charge for Ministry.
ig45 – Grading a Bible Teacher.
ig46 – Why we Witness.
ig47 – The Christian and His Money.
ig48 – Evaluating Hymns.
ig49 – The Biblical Pastor.
ig50 – The Church is Built upon Evangelism.

Mormon Tracts

Mor01 – Joseph Smith: Man of God or Lunatic?
Mor02 – The Truth about the Latter Day Saints.
Mor03 – The Book of Mormon

Orthodoxy Tracts

Ort01 – An Evaluation of Luis Palau.
Ort02 – An Evaluation of Max Lucado.
Ort03 – An Evaluation of Billy Graham.
Ort04 – Neo-Evangelicals and Ecumenism.

Tracts on Pentecostalism

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Pent01 – Why I am not Pentecostal.
Pent02 –The Spiritual Baptismal: Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
Pent03 – Kundalini and Tongues.
Pent04 – Modern Tongues Speaking.
Pent05 – Is it correct for women to preach, teach, and lead?.
Pent06 – Who am I to Command God?
Pent07 – The Word of Faith: Positive Confession.
Pent08 – An Evaluation of Benny Hinn.
Pent09 – Why we don’t use Cell Groups.
Pent10 – Cellular Vision: G12.
Pent11 – Does God want me sick?
Pent12 – The Imposition of Hands.
Pent13 – Liberation from Demons.
Pent14 – Mystery Religions.
Pent15 – Saved from Sickness.
Pent16 – Are Miracles a Sign of the Man of God?
Pent17 – The Secret.
Pent18 – Falling in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Pent19 –  Our Attitude towards Miracles.

Salvation and New Believer Tracts

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Salv01 – The Plan of Salvation.
Salv02 – Now that you have believed.
Salv03 – Bible Reading Schedule.
Salv04 – Key Points in water Baptism.
Salv05 – Why Read the Bible?
Salv06 – The Plan of God for your Salvation.
Salvo7 – Welcome to the Family of God!
Salv08 – Your Testimony: Impacting Others.
Salv09 -The Security of Your Salvation.
Salv10 – How to Have a Devotional Time with God.
Salv11 – Appreciating your Salvation.
Salv12 – Epidemic! What we should know as Christians.
Salv13 – How to Know if you are Dead.
Salv14 – Evaluating the Spiritual Food that you Consume.
Salv15 – Nude in Heaven?
Salv16 – Abiding in Christ.
Salv17 – The Spiritual Battle.
Salv18 – The Walking Dead.
Salv19 – The Urgency to Be Saved.
Salv20 – Repentance: Stop Sinning.
Salv21 – There is no Salvation without Love.
Salv22 – Blood and Forgiveness: The Atonement.
Salv23 – The Lamb of God.
Salv24 – I Died for You. What do you owe for that?
Salv25 – The Agony of Christ.
Salv26 – Palm Sunday.
Salv27 – False Theories about the Resurrection.
Salv28 – What the Resurrection Means.
Salv29 – Eternal Life.
Salv30 – Being as a Child.
Salv31 – Easy-Believism.
Salv32 – Tempted, Don’t Give in.
Salv33 – Factors of Spiritual Growth.

Evangelism Tracts

Eva01 – Good Works.
Eva02 – You almost Persuadeth Me.
Eva03 – Five Minutes.
Eva04 – God doesn’t Live Far Away.
Eva05 – The Parable of the Orange Tree.
Eva06 – Helps for Evangelists.
Eva07 – Invitations to be Saved.
Eva08 – Our Responsability to Witness.

Tracts for Jehovah’s Witnesses

TDJ01 – The True Witness of Jehovah.
TDJ02 – That which the JWs don’t tell you.
TDJ03 – Mistaken Prophecies of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
TDJ04 – Is Jesus Christ Creator or Creature?

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