Violence in Mexico

Some people may be wondering about the violence in Mexico. Yes, there is a lot of violence in Mexico. Down here we hear of a lot of stuff all the time, and quite frankly, there are no such thing as a “hot zone”. Everywhere there are deaths and violence. From the best I can understand the situation, most of the death is drug-gang related, even the deaths of teens by drug lords. A Federal policeman told me that the soccer team that was celebrating a victory and got wiped out was actually a gang that they formed among upper class kids. A rival gang didn’t like their victory. When the kids have parents that are drug dealers, they have easy access to high powered arms and people who will use them to kill.

It is my understanding that the drug infiltration has gone into the entire government, police forces, and military, and this extends all the way up to Calderon, the president of Mexico. The situation just is impossible to correct without starting at the top, and this won’t happen very easily. We are currently in a downward spiral which will get worse and worse. As the economy gets worse and worse, the drug lords will start offering to pay off the national debt and other such non-sense, and that is when they will legalize drugs and the rich will enter big time into the drug traffic without it being illegal.

From my point of view, I don’t think our Lord can delay His coming very much longer. Things are getting too close to the Antichrist’s government in our world, and either He will send a revival as a reprive of things, or they will start locking up Christians. Frankly, I fear more the US than Mexico on that point.

Update November 30, 2018

As we go through the situation with the Honduran migrants, it is interesting to see that the Hondurans et al flee violence in their country thinking that they will be safe in Mexico. Just not true!

So far, I have seen where one migrant was run over in Tijuana, and others have been injured. One of the cartels (Zetas) offered two buses to carry the migrants from southern Mexico to the border, and they kidnapped them on the way and are asking for money for their release, or they will put the men to forced labor in the drug crop fields, and the women will be made into prostitutes for them, and the children sold. Safer to stay home if you ask me.