Killer Presentation Skills

 1. You have to make the audience comfortable and focused. You have to control anxiety, and this would be very important if the speech is too long. The point is that you as the speaker want your audience to focus on your message, and that won’t happen if they are not focused. Physical problems in the same environment as the speech will distract. Sometimes they cannot be helped. The worse offense is when the speaker himself takes a shipping company attitude, that every time you turn around, the speaker is saying something that causes the audience to leave his train of thought and travel away on some off comment he has made. “Journeys of Self-Discovery” there are all kinds of things you can discover on your own. Direct eye-contact promotes focus with the speaker. YOU MUST LOOK AT THE AUDIENCE

2. Learn to stop talking long enough to let the audience digest what you have just said.

3. Use correct body language. By this he means that you should not use body language that distracts or calls the attention to it.

4. Effective Content. Tell them how you are going to bore them, bore them, and then them how you bored them.