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Our ministry has had many problems and challenges over the years. One which has never gone away has been the lack of musicians, which is typical in Mexican churches. As such, we absolutely needed something, so I found midis of good classic hymns, and we recorded them on tape cassettes, and played them in our services. Eventually I found them on the Internet in Midi format (karaoke to sing along), and we now use that system. We play the hymn in the karaoke program, and the words appear on the screen changing from white to red as the music plays.

In using it, I have had many Mexican pastors ask me what I do for music because it is a persistent problem among smaller churches. So I made a website and uploaded our 96 hymns. I get a number of emails every week thanking me for this website. I have had many emails asking me for permission for churches and Christian radio stations to use our music because it is NOT MODERN PRAISE MUSIC! We only have the old fashion reverent hymn melodies, nothing wild or modern or CCM. Today we continue to add new hymns every week.


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