Sunday School Material

Sunday School Class Material

One of our opportunities to input into our people is in Sunday School. I have developed a good Sunday School habit in our people, and we have 20-25 normally in Sunday School. In recent years I want our men to get more opportunities to preach and practice, so I have given them the task of teaching Sunday School, which they do in a rotation system.

The youth of the church have special needs so I have begun to write Sunday School material for our juniors and teens, and one of our men teach these classes. We have a various series of classes (a serie is a 13 week set of classes), and I continue to develop these classes.

Much more than just some few Sunday School classes, I have also made this a teacher training website where I teach about how to teach. This is educational material about teaching theory and methods, the reason why we teach, what problems can arise as well as how to fix them, etc. This is a full teacher training website for Spanish Churches.

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