Results from Our Trip for Tule’s Papers

Results from Our Trip for Tule’s Papers is an update on what happened when we recently went to August to go to Tule’s USCIS appointment.

We just want to share with you the results from our trip for Tule’s papers back in August. We were up in Orlando Florida for 3 weeks, and I asked our men to take my place preaching during that time. They did a fine job. Since the Covid emergency, I did not really try to visit very many churches or supporters.

I was able to go to visit my family in South Carolina, and visited one of my two remaining aunts, and her children in a lunch they put on for me. I was also able to visit a supporter my sister and brother-in-law. I had a good time with them.

For the flight up and back, I really thought I was going to have a lot of stress on the Covid vaccination. We were vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine. I had to get a QR code because I read online that that is what the airlines were asking for. Nope. Nobody asked for proof of vaccine.

But we had to have a Covid test that was negative within 3 days of our flight. We got that. It wasn’t easy. But what happened was pure ridiculous. I counted like 7 times somebody official at the airport in Mexico City asked to see the test results. To enter the secure area (TSA) we had to go outside that to a table where two airport personnel check it and we had to fill out a form. “Do you have covid Yes or No”. The stamped it after they examined our negative Covid test. That was all on the form except my name. Having that form in hand, we went back to the TSA checkin and they wanted the form and then to see our negative test results. This happened repeatedly. Ridiculous.

At one point we enter the airline wing (only people on their flights were allowed in that wing) and I kid you not, they sent us down a long hall. No exits, no businesses nothing just a hall, and they asked for the negative Covid test results at the beginning of the hall and at the end. Nobody in that hall except us on our flight.

I took an Amtrak from Orlando to Charleston for my visit to my family. They asked me for a PreCovid check. I went to get that at the pharmacy and they didn’t know what it was. I went to the Amtrak website to show the clerk what they were asking for. Again, a simple online form, “do you have Covid? are you waiting for Covid test results? etc” 5 questions like that and that was their test. All voluntary information.

On the plane flight back (same airline as going and coming) they didn’t ask for anything Covid related.

I borrowed my son’s car and I took Tule to her appointment at USCIS. It was fingerprints and photo. In about 20 minutes we were done. Praise God!

Results from Our Trip for Tule’s Papers we had a good time with our children, and we got Tule’s next step done as far as her American citizenship.