Vitelia passed away on May 31

Vitelia passed away on May 31 Tule sister passed away in her sleep on Monday morning. They had the funeral the next day.

We were notified on Monday morning that Tule’s sister Vitelia passed away in her sleep Monday morning.

She had stomach cancer, and she has been battling it for about 2 years now. Her brothers and sisters took her to a cancer hospital in Oaxaca the state capitol in Christmas 2019, but the doctors and her family decided not to pursue a prolonged treatment because of the cancer going all over her body.

The week before she died, she lost her eyesight, eventually not even able to eat nor drink (Friday) so it was probably best that the Lord took her.

As to the best of our knowledge and understanding, Vitelia was saved. She attended a Pentecostal church in front of their house. The only churches in their village is one of two Pentecostal churches, a Jehovah’s Witness church, or the Catholic Church.

Please pray for her family, and especially for her husband, Moyo, that we do not think he is saved.  Various of the brothers and sisters of Tule are unsaved also.