Doctrine Tracts

Doctrinal Tracts

(useful for evangelism, and confronting the cults)

[D01] The Fundamentals of the Christian Faith (Cox)
[D02] The Trinity (Cox)
[D03] Does Heaven and Hell Exist? (Cox)
[D04] Hell and Heaven (Cox)
[D05] To Wait too long is a True Hell (Boanerge)
[D06] The Theology of Unitarianism (Cox)
[D07] Creed of Athanasius (Cox)
[D08] Chicago Declaration on Inspiration (Cox)
[D09] Calvinism (Cox)
[D10] Theodicy (the problem of evil in a good God’s world) (Cox)
[D11] Hell-Seol, Paradise and Tartarus (Cox)
[D12] God incarnate (Cox)
[D13] How to interpret the Scriptures (Cox)
[D14] Anniquilation: Will suffering in hell end one day? (Cox)

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  1. May our dear Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you and your family safe from all evil to continue doing His work in you enpowering to reveal His Truth and to expose the lies and error of the devil. We will remeber you in our prayer, remain focus now and ever in your calling. AMEN!

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